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Clickable ISA Dashboards, Doc Review, Reporting Updates and More—Sisu Product Updates January 2021

Hey Sisu community, We have some exciting updates to share with you since our last product update post went out 🙌 Let’s dig into it! ‍ Reporting updates:

Zac Muir

Zac Muir

VP of Sales & Marketing
Zac was one of our first hires. Outside of waging war on spreadsheets and time-killing systems, Zac loves to push the boundaries of what's "safe" on a wakeboard, spend time on the golf course or tennis courts, and more than anything, live life with his beautiful wife and 4-pound dog, Twix.

Hey Sisu community,

We have some exciting updates to share with you since our last product update post went out 🙌

Let’s dig into it!

Reporting updates: Clickable ISA Dashboards, Monthly Income Summaries, Lost Reasons, and Leaderboard Updates

A LOT of reporting updates in this latest release. 

First, and highly anticipated by a lot of Sisu power users….

Clickable ISA Dashboards! 

If you need a refresher on how ISA dashboards work in the first place, you might want to check out this guide.  

ISA reporting can be a huge headache. Period. Sisu makes it simple because you really only have to focus on getting one field right—the “Appt Set By (ISA)” field. If you do that, ISA reporting in Sisu will just work naturally with the rest of your data. 

We’ve also released a brand new report by request, the “Income - Monthly Summaries” report. It’s available in your reports menu and is also linked here. This report is a combination of the income report across multiple months. It lets you see your profitability at a glance. 

Going into our next big update: Lost Reasons!

Transactions can be marked as “lost” in Sisu. This has been around for a while. It helps you track when transactions don’t go as planned while maintaining your conversion ratios. More details on “lost” here

The new functionality we’ve added is the ability to set reasons for losing transactions. This could be one of the more valuable reports in the system for you because it’s going to show you why you’re losing business. 

To use lost reasons, all you need to do is set them up in admin>team settings>lost reasons.  Then, when you are on your transaction screen, you can add a filter for “lost”. Once you add that filter, an additional filter will pop up to filter by lost reason. This way, you can see how many transactions were lost and for what reason. 

One other quick update to call out is that our leaderboards now include an “other” category as well as progress bars to show you which agents are contributing most to a given metric. 

Document Review

It’s pretty common for a lot of Sisu clients to replace storage systems (such as Google Drive) for managing per-transaction documents. 

Brokerages are required to do this, but even some of our teams make this a habit. It’s a good one to keep. 

We’ve added additional features now into the system for brokers and transaction coordinators to quickly filter through documents and run their approval process. This is available under transactions>document review. 

You can filter for rejected or unprocessed documents, view them quickly in one screen and either approve the document or reject it and add comments. 

Here’s what this process looks like: 

Operational Updates - Commission Form

As we see Sisu evolve more and more into a platform that can drive your ops team, not just your sales team, we’ve been pushing updates that make Sisu even more powerful here. 

Here’s one example from our recent release: You can now set an agent’s business entity to appear on the CDA. This can be done from admin>users as an admin, or account>profile as an agent. 

It’s more and more common that brokers are taking Sisu CDAs and sending them over to title to cut checks, or teams are using them internally to claim commissions. Deep dive on this here: 

Another quick update here around the CDA is to include (or exclude) referral income from the “office gross GCI” number. This can be done from admin>commissions>preferences

Operational Updates - Transaction Management

A lot of teams use task templates to kick off their entire transaction process. 

If you use Sisu Client Intake Forms in conjunction with this…. Bonus points 🙌

We’ve released an update that allows you to set a default TC on your transactions. 

Another update makes your transaction stages board (the place where most of our TCs/agents get an overview of ALL of their transactions) much more filterable. Details in these videos:

Additional Updates, Enhancements & Fixes

As with most updates, there are also a few minor improvements, bug fixes, and display adjustments. These include: 

  • Minor appearance/UX improvements to commission report
  • There was an issue where changing the status of a task on the task manager sent you back to the top of the screen. This is fixed. 
  • From the transaction screen, you can now click anywhere on a transaction to edit it.
  • We’ve made some updates for increased usability/responsiveness from a mobile browser. If you have certain features that you want to access on your phone but aren’t a part of the mobile app, this is a solid alternative. Additional details on this here
  • Additional one-off fixes and adjustments. 

Thank you for your partnership

One other thing that we want to note is that we’ve really doubled down on a lot of items this month. 

Our development team has doubled in size. 

We’re starting a new department internally called Sales Engineering, where you would have the option to pay to get more white-glove service with your account. Want everything set up by an expert? Great. We will be able to offer that. 

We even raised prices this month, but only on new sign-ups. If you’re already with us, your price is locked in. You believed in us earlier and should be rewarded for that 🙌

We are looking forward to taking this platform to even higher levels!

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