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One-Click ARW Home Warranty Orders in Sisu

The Utah Life Real Estate Group automates home warranty ordering directly from Sisu.

Frank A. Felice

Frank A. Felice

Chief Revenue Officer
Frank has years of experience in starting and scaling SaaS companies through rapid growth to multi-million dollar market leaders.

It's a fact - high performing brokerages and teams are seeing an 87% referral partner attach rate whereas traditional brokerages are seeing only 7%. This means that for high performers, 87% of transactions are more than just a real estate transaction. They're attaching ancillary services such as mortgage, title, home insurance, home warranty, etc. for themselves or for their close partners, which creates an ecosystem of valuable services that these teams use to propel their business forward and improve their margins. Here's why...

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Teams and high accountability brokerages simply have better systems in place. They are more agile and iterative in their processes to build and foster a more trusting relationship with their clients.

At Sisu, we know the value of these partner relationships and built the platform with this in mind. With native functionalities, we've eliminated duplicate data entry all the while maintaining a streamlined user experience. Too many similar vendors have attempted to do this and candidly the results looked like 1990’s banner advertisements.

Our startup story began by being physically located with the Utah Life Real Estate Group and providing the system backbone to monitor and scale their business. Fast forward four years, and Utah Life is now the first team to test and roll out our latest initiative to their clients - ARW Home Warranty orders through our Integrated Vendor Program.

"It was vital that we found a national partner that could service our national installation base. There was strong partner interest from several national providers, however, ARW Home Warranty was selected due to their technical agility in working with Sisu, services provided, and service track record.”, Brian Charlesworth, CEO and Founder   

This is how it works:
Like most high performing real estate teams, the real estate journey starts with client and transaction data being inputted into the CRM and syncing to Sisu at the appointment set stage. Transactional updates are made throughout the process all the way up to the closing date. These details are all delivered to the client automatically via the Sisu Client Portal and transaction roadmap. 

“We focus on making the homeowner’s experience seamless through innovative technology, which aligns with the real estate agent’s experience using the Sisu platform. Partnering with Sisu, we can now help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions, grow their business, and deliver outstanding service and customer satisfaction." Josh Brauser, CEO and Co-Founder, ARW Home

Historically, at the point of home warranty ordering, the transaction coordinator or title team member would take all of that information already stored in Sisu, navigate to a home warranty website and retype everything for the order. This is precious time wasted on duplicate data entry.

Now with the introduction of our Integrated Vendor Program and national relationship with ARW Home Warranty,  Sisu already has all the information needed to place the order and preloads the form. Place your next home warranty order in just one click!

“Since we have always tracked our vendor relationships in Sisu to ensure that we negotiate strong MSA’s with our partners, it was natural for this process to be automated in Sisu. It has saved our transaction and title team hours of monthly time.”  Spring Bengtzen, Owner, The Utah Life Real Estate Group

In Sisu, all integrated vendors rollup to the vendor report by category to monitor attach rates per partner and partner type.

It’s all so simple and all within the Sisu platform  - without additional training, little to no duplicate data entry, and immediate reports.

Based on feedback from all our teams on what was the most important to automate, the search for the first integrated vendor partner type was easy. The search for the right inaugural national home warranty partner was much more difficult.

Utah Life has transitioned all of their home warranty orders to ARW Home, with orders occurring immediately. Now the team owner receives RESPA compliant lead referral payments instead of the occasional lunch from her prior home warranty provider.

If you want to streamline your home warranty ordered process from within Sisu, have your team owner sign up today for our integrated vendor program.

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