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What’s New In Sisu, April 2021 | Advanced Data Exporting, Documents, Leaderboards, Tagging Updates & More

What’s up Sisu Community! We have some exciting updates to talk about in Sisu over the last few development pushes. Here’s what’s happened since last month

Zac Muir

Zac Muir

VP of Sales & Marketing
Zac was one of our first hires. Outside of waging war on spreadsheets and time-killing systems, Zac loves to push the boundaries of what's "safe" on a wakeboard, spend time on the golf course or tennis courts, and more than anything, live life with his beautiful wife and 4-pound dog, Twix.

What’s up Sisu Community!

We have some exciting updates to talk about in Sisu over the last few development pushes. Here’s what’s happened since last month’s product update. 

Advanced flexibility to export your data

We’ve found that Sisu users are big into data and numbers. Want to pull the data out and do some advanced statistical analysis? Or maybe you want to find everyone you transacted with last year, export a list of their emails, and import to your email marketing tool? Awesome. Exporting functionality will allow you to do that. 

Note that export functionality will ONLY appear for users if permissions are granted from admin>users. To do this, edit a user from admin>user and give them permission to download transactions, activity, or both.

Here are all the places you can export data: 

You can export from the transactions tab (this was already existing). When you head over to the transactions screen, you can click the button in the top right to export. You can add filters to only pull the transactions you’re looking for, and you can use the “view fields from” or “hide show columns” to re-arrange the order columns show up in on your export. Any fields that are not part of your current view will be added to the end of your CSV export in alphabetical order (this is an update that was made recently)

You can now export activity from the activity log at Similar to the transactions export, you can use the filters to narrow down the data pulled into your CSV—for example, you could filter which agents you pull it for, or you could filter which activity type you’re pulling. The data will come through as line-by-line entries of activity type, agent, and when that activity was logged.

You can now export data from the income report and income summary reports at and These are admin-only reports. You can use filters to filter which data is being pulled. Exporting these reports gives you increased flexibility with your income and profitability data.

Improvements to document management workflows and user interface

As more vendors, agents, TCs and owners are plugging into the transaction management workflows in Sisu, we’re finding that documents are a key point of collaboration where you can really drive some process efficiences. 

With that, we’ve gotten a lot of good feedback about how the Document Review process in Sisu could be made easier. 

Here are some recent updates to the documents portion of Sisu: 

  • We’ve made the process of rejecting and re-uploading documents more simple. Rather than uploading a completely new document, users can simply re-upload a document with the same name. This will replace the old document and place the newly uploaded one back in the “unprocessed” queue so that it will be reviewed again. 
  • We made some updates to the transactions>review documents screen. Some of them are aesthetic, such as a timestamp to the document showing when it was updated or rejected (and by whom). Others are efficiencies in our saving/refreshing so that you don’t get kicked back to the top of the screen or lose your spot when the page refreshes. This makes it easier to manage documents in bulk using transactions>review documents. 
  • The actual documents page on each transaction (click into a document and select “documents” on the left side) got some love too. We made it easier to see at a glance when documents are required or “not applicable” for a transaction. We added sorting inside the transaction documents for those transactions that have tons of documents. We also made it so that downloading the documents will create a ZIP file, rather than downloading the documents one by one. 
  • Finally, we made it possible to delete documents completely rather than just archiving them (you can still archive, which we view as a “softer” delete function). 

Documents continue to be a vital part of the Sisu platform and we are continually making updates here. 

We’ve found that duplicate communication is as much of an issue as duplicate data entry. Bringing your documents and communication into the Sisu platform solves this. Rather than dozens of texts, emails, and undocumented phone calls, you can drop your updates in Sisu at once and keep all parties in the loop. 

This works best when all your data, documents and tasks are plugged into Sisu. 

Tagging and Transaction Stages updates

More and more Sisu users are using tags and transaction stages to keep their data and processes organized. 

We made a couple minor updates here to make this easier. 

First, you can now add the transaction stage and the tags to a transaction form. This is the same process as with any other field—go to admin>team settings>forms and fields and look for the “transaction stage” and “tags” fields. Adding them to a form will allow you to view and update them like any other field. 

Second, we added alphabetical sorting for tags. This allows you to use nomenclature to sort the order of tags. For example, some Sisu users use tags to identify necessary actions on a transaction. To group these all together, you could use an “Action Needed” naming convention. And you might use tags to define details about a transaction. 

So it would start to look something like this: 

  • Action Needed: Upload CMA
  • Action Needed: Not Paid
  • Action Needed: etc, etc….
  • Details: Luxury Listing
  • Details: Rental
  • Details: Zillow

Using naming conventions like this will make everything very easy to find and use going forward. 

We also updated the user interface on transactions>transaction stages board so that there is more room for dates, vendor data, and tags as well.


Clickable leaderboards and ability to show 0’s

This is a recurring theme in the platform—anywhere we show a number, we try to make it easy to dig into that number to see exactly where it’s coming from. 

We recently added this functionality to leaderboards. When you’re looking at a leaderboard and seeing that an agent did 10 deals, for example, you can click on that number to see exactly which deals those were. This helps you dig into key datapoints for auditing and coaching to your data. 

Another update we made here is the ability to show 0s on the leaderboard. You can do this from admin>team settings>preferences. This can be a super effective way to motivate those who are lagging behind or not using your core systems properly 😉

Additional notes

As always, there are additional improvements and bug fixes that aren’t listed here. We’re constantly improving the platform and rely on your feedback to do so!

The chatbox in the bottom right hand corner is where our team lives and breathes. It’s where our executive team, developers and support teams work together to create the best possible experience for you. Whenever you have something to say, make sure you reach out to us there. 

We look forward to additional updates and improvements to continue serving you at the highest level 🙌

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