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Why I Wouldn't Miss Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Summit This May

Teams are taking over real estate. The structure of 10-15 agents with a competent, ambitious team leader has proven a win-win for everyone involved. I’ve s

Brian Charlesworth

Brian Charlesworth

Chairman & CEO

Brian is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business builder, and thought leader in the real estate industry. With a track record of success in software, telecommunications, and franchise businesses, Brian has a talent for identifying and realizing business opportunities. Driven by his passion for technology, Brian is dedicated to using his skills and experience to bring about positive change and improve people's lives through the advancement of technology.

Teams are taking over real estate.

The structure of 10-15 agents with a competent, ambitious team leader has proven a win-win for everyone involved.

I’ve seen many agents get inspired to build their own team. It’s ambitious pursuit—and definitely not for everyone—but those 10% who decide to take on the challenge and risk have an opportunity for great reward.

So what’s stopping you from building a thriving team or group of real estate teams?

Not a whole lot, it turns out. It’s not rocket science, but it is absolutely knowing the key drivers and tracking metrics that profitably produce the right outcome. There aren’t a ton of variables that you can’t control. Take it from Jeff Cohn, who’s built the #1 real estate team in Nebraska:

“Over the past six years, I went from 70 to 700 sales with 50 agents. Now, why is that? What makes me different than you? There’s nothing special about me. But my personal experience is living proof that building a team is not just possible, but predictable and repeatable for any top producing agent.”

- Jeff Cohn, #1 Team Owner in Nebraska selling 700 homes a year

Notice how he said predictable and repeatable. It’s like baking a cake. You carefully add in the right ingredients and you’ll be successful.

Jeff is a prophet and innovator of measuring, monitoring, analyzing, correcting and displaying his key real estate metrics.

Agents who track and analyze their numbers will grow their business by at least 100%. I’ve stated this repeatedly and I’ve heard it from great leaders and coaches in the industry such as Jeff himself.

So Why Fly to Nebraska?

If you’re on the fence, here are a few good reasons to make the journey out to the midwest this May to attend Jeff Cohn’s Team Building Summit.

The best way to learn is through immersion. You can struggle through learning all the steps over the course of a year, or you can immerse yourself for a weekend and figure it all out. Either way, you’re going to have to learn it all—so might as well learn it up front, right? Knowledge today is worth more than knowledge tomorrow.

Of course, it’s not just about immersing yourself. It’s about immersing yourself in the correct learning environment. That’s where the magic happens.

The Team Building Summit will be packed with insights from top producers like Jeff himself where he discusses his use of metrics, monitoring and displaying his output in visual dashboards. You will also hear from tech leaders such as dotloop, Rokrbox, Vyral, and Boomtown. Oh, yea, I will also be there with one of Sisu Team’s early customer adopters.

When I first got started as a real estate agent, I wanted to learn from the best in the business. It was an investment up front, but it paid nicely when I made a 6-figure income my first year. This is the same concept. Learning from the best is the most important investment you can make.

The #1 Ingredient for Real Estate Team Building Now I’ll talk to you a little bit about why I’m interested in going to Nebraska.

My experience in real estate has taught me that there’s one main practice that separates top agents from average agents, and top teams from average teams.

Accountability coaching.

Which, if you haven’t heard me explain before, is all about goal setting and diligently monitoring your businesses inputs and outputs to achieve success.

Jeff is a huge numbers guy, just like me. It’s not surprising to me that he’s been so successful because I’ve seen his systems for tracking numbers and performance.

But it’s not just about tracking.

You need to know what you’re looking for in the data. And once you’ve understood the data, you need to know how to act on it to improve results.

To make it simple, it’s about capturing data, analyzing data, and understanding how to improve it. Jeff’s done all of these for his own team and many of the teams he’s coached, and it’s proven a very successful formula. Like I said earlier, it’s not rocket science. It’s the little things top producers do that destroy the competition.

See you in Omaha!

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