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Episode 138: Transforming Your Approach to Life and Business with Kelly Cardenas

Join Brian Charlesworth, founder of Sisu, as he interviews Kelly Cardenas, a renowned speaker and former owner of Kelly Cardenas Salons.

Brian Charlesworth

Brian Charlesworth

Chairman & CEO

Brian is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business builder, and thought leader in the real estate industry. With a track record of success in software, telecommunications, and franchise businesses, Brian has a talent for identifying and realizing business opportunities. Driven by his passion for technology, Brian is dedicated to using his skills and experience to bring about positive change and improve people's lives through the advancement of technology.



They discuss Kelly's fascinating journey from the beauty industry to becoming a keynote speaker and podcaster. Kelly shares his insights on the importance of focusing on people and creating a positive vibe in every interaction.

Kelly explains the philosophy his father taught him: the only true business is the people business. This belief has shaped his approach to success in various industries. Kelly introduces his triangle model, emphasizing heart set, mindset, and skillset. He says, "If you lead with your heart, your mind and actions will follow naturally."

The conversation shifts to the importance of building relationships. Kelly shares a personal story about writing daily letters to his daughter and how this practice strengthened their bond. He believes, "Writing these letters changed not only my daughter's life but mine as well." This practice was crucial during challenging times, like the pandemic, and it taught him the power of small, consistent actions.

Brian and Kelly also cover overcoming challenges by maintaining a positive belief system. Kelly shares his approach, stating that every experience, good or bad, is perfect for its time. They discuss how this mindset helps in both personal and professional life.

The discussion also touches on real estate. Kelly and Brian talk about why every transaction should flow through Sisu, the challenges in the current market with rising interest rates, and the importance of focusing on what drops to the bottom line. They agree that the top-line figures are less important than what is actually kept, a principle Kelly's father taught him.

Top Takeaways:

(4:19) What happens when you take the people out of the business?

(8:12) The key to aligning heart, mind, and actions.

(8:53) How does Sisu help team owners and brokers grow their businesses

(9:50) How are rising interest rates affecting real estate today

(10:21) Why do people focus on top-line figures in business 

(15:37) How did a text message from my daughter change everything

(18:03) How can writing letters change your relationships

(19:26) Why is shiny new technology not always the answer?

(23:56) The qualities that make someone a true icon.

(28:58) How can a committed real estate agent become a high-earner. 

Tune in to learn from Kelly's experiences and discover how to build stronger relationships, enhance your business, and maintain a positive outlook. Think about how adopting a positive belief system can transform your approach to daily challenges. Are you ready to lead with your heart?

About Kelly Cardenas

Kelly Cardenas has 29 years of experience in the beauty industry and is now a speaker and podcaster. He hosts a top-ranked podcast, co-hosts Secret Knock, and created the Vibe Room. Kelly's books provide insights on personal development and entrepreneurship. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on people and creating positive energy.

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Brian Charlesworth  00:35

Hey, everyone, it's Brian Charlesworth, the host of the show and welcome back to the Grit podcast. I am here today with Kelly Cardenas. And I know it's Cardenas if you speak English, but if you speak Spanish, I think it's Cardenas right? Is that right? Kelly? 

Kelly Cardenas  00:49

You got that? Right. 

Brian Charlesworth  00:50

All right. So Kelly has a history of about 29 years in the beauty industry as a famous salon that Kelly Cardenas salons, which he sold. And I'm gonna have to have him share the story with you because it's fascinating. But he went from being like, the most well rounded, famous person in the beauty industry, to walking out selling it all. And now he's a he's a famous speaker and podcaster. So anyway, I'm grateful to have Kelly on the show today and ready to dive in. Kelly, anything else you want to share? 

Kelly Cardenas  01:21

Well, I'm just sharing that you are a gangster man and being able to spend time with you the inspiration that I get just from a quick sidebar conversation. I don't know if you know how much light you put into this world, Brian, seriously. 

Brian Charlesworth  01:35

Well, see, well, I was just going to start this podcast by saying Kelly knows how to make people feel great about themselves. And see he just did it again. He walked up to me we were at springs event real estate spring break. I don't know what it was about a month ago. Now. He walked up to me and shared something with me that just lit me up. Do you remember what that was? Kelly? 

Kelly Cardenas  01:54

Which conversation that we had? Okay, he doesn't remember. 

Brian Charlesworth  01:57

So see. He does this all the time without even knowing it. So he walked up to me, he's standing behind my shoulder, grabs my arm and says, You know what, you have a special gift. And I said, I do what's that? And he said, Well, you know how to make people shine without taking into the credit. Anyway, and I said, I looked at it. I said, it's interesting. You see that about me? Like I'm saying that to myself. Now? How do I do that? And how can I do more of that now? Because Kelly enlighten me on the fact that that's something that I do? 

Kelly Cardenas  02:31

Well, I watched it from the very beginning. I mean, we met at Maxwell and Sadie's house, one of our good friends. And I watched how you just sat back. And you know your wife is an absolutely dynamic personality, not only in real estate and the personal development and coaching and everywhere. But I noticed and a lot of times men have the tendency to want to step forward and say, if they did any part of the anything in the relationship or the context of that situation, they always want to beat their chest and say it was me and then they put the other people. But I've watched you over the years and you never shine the light on yourself. You just got your bright lights, and you're shining them on everybody else. Meanwhile, if you ever took the stage, everybody would be clamoring for you. 

Brian Charlesworth  03:19

Interesting. Well, I don't know that that's true. Because I'm not I'm not as good on stage. You're on stage. But if I was that would be true. So let's talk about that for a minute. How do you go, I want to hear your story. And I've heard your story. But like, I want our guests to hear your story. How do you go from being in the beauty industry for 29 years? And absolutely crushing it to saying and if you guys if you guys are watching this on video, you'll see Kelly's hair. If you're not watching this on video, but just listening on the podcast. You guys need to jump into the video so you can see Kelly's hair even though he's got his beanie on today. Yeah, I can still see some of those locks. So anyway, but how do you go from that to where you are today where you are like world renowned keynote speaker podcaster like that's a that's a difficult transition that I don't think many would be able to say, I'm just gonna go for it like you did? 

Kelly Cardenas  04:12

Well, the way I like to say it is that killed some lions and I killed some bears so that Philistines standing in front of me, it has no chance. So it was my pops raised me on that there was only one business in the world and one business only. And that was the people business. And once you if you ever took the people out of the business, you had no business at all. And what I realized was is that all these businesses, whether it was real estate, or in the financial world, or in the salon industry, like we were in or even in the speaking, it was it wasn't the energy that I brought into the room. It was simply the way that people felt when I left. And if you could tap into that feeling, then your offer drops away, your price drops away and your product drops away. And the person just feels great about it and wants to be a part. When I think of Sisu I asked you I said Why wouldn't someone use Sisu And you made me feel so empowered? Because you were like, well, the only reason is because you wouldn't want your business to succeed. And I was I was blown away. And I had to start thinking like, how did I feel at that point? Well, if I don't want my business to succeed, then I don't use Sisu. So you turn it around on me, but it's literally Brian, every single time every industry that I've ever been in which I've been very fortunate to be in two majors, it was just about the way that the people felt about the product that I was doing. And if I can connect with those people, right, and we could do that we could build the people, the people will ultimately build the business. Yeah. 

Brian Charlesworth  05:37

All right. So I left this out of Kelly's intro, but I need to I need to bring this in. So Kelly is the I'm putting my fingers up for quotes. He is the vibe authority. So so I got to see Kelly again about a year ago. And I've I've met Kelly off and on several times throughout the last 10 years. But about a year ago, he invited spring to go down and be in the Viper Room with him. And this is a really, really cool thing. And Shawn was there that day with her? Yeah. And anyway, just a super, super cool event. And that's kind of the first that I got to see of this, Kelly, that that I know today. But but then I heard you speak again, at springs real estate Spring Break event last month, and I really connected with the vibe. And I think the vibe is something that people don't really get. And you know, most of my listeners here are real estate team owners. Or maybe they might be in real estate and some some business owners, but this vibe that you talk about like that applies to everybody. So share with us, Kelly, what is the vibe? 

Kelly Cardenas  06:44

Well, I'll bring it up for you real quick. So if you could see it there, right? Can you see that on the screen? I got it. Okay, so this was a big one for me is and again, it came from my parents, if you look at the bottom of the triangle, right, and think of real estate, real estate, you would build on the firmest foundation possible. Our life is a triangle on the bottom of the triangle is our heart set, which is our belief system. On the side of the triangle is our mindset, which is our intentions, those are the two arms that start to do a little bit of action. And at the very top, the smallest amount of real estate is the skill set or your actions. And most people flip that triangle upside down. And they build on their skill set. They want all the things, the actionable items, the hacks in life and all these things. And what I noticed about you, Brian, is you built it on your heart, you built it on relationships, every single person at that conference, and I watched you, I watched you when you weren't knowing that I was watching, you had true relationships with those people. And if you wanted them to move into an offer that you had, it was them asking you not you push it on them. And the reason why is because you lead with your heart, and then your mind came in and your actions followed suit. And so when we align those things, we create an irresistible vibe, when it's flipped upside down, though, and you lead with your actions, most of the time, people are turned off. And we think if I lead with my actions, I get all these results, it'll drop into my mind. And then at some point, it'll drop into my heart. And I'll say this to you, Ryan, is you've seen this over time, because you work with a lot of high producing individuals that sometimes have gaping holes in their heart, and they have all the stuff, they have all the things, they have the house, they have all this stuff. But their relationships are falling apart. And then they need to do these retreats or things to be able to get away to get back in touch with it. When if we can stop right now slow it down and build it on our heart. Let our mind come into play. And our actions will just be a byproduct that align them, that becomes irresistible. 

Brian Charlesworth  08:45

Yeah, yeah. So when you're talking about this, I tried to apply it to myself. And I think okay, when I started Sisu, I mean, it was really geared to helping spring but ultimately it was like, okay, every transaction in real estate should flow through my platform. Like, that's crazy if it doesn't happen. But the only way I can make that happen is to help every team owner and every broker owner I come in contact with to help them grow and scale a profitable business to help them double their business every year. And so you say I care. But yes, I care. And the reason I care is I care that every one of these people like the most the thing that I can do, and I think all my customers know, I would do anything for them to help them grow their business, because that's what matters to me is that they are successful. So I think that goes along with what you just said, right? That's that's all in the heart set. Right? 

Kelly Cardenas  09:33

Well, and it's wild because, you know, you look at it as a side of if you take care of those people, and they have a solid profitable business, which lets that that middle word is the cuss word in most businesses profitable. 

Brian Charlesworth  09:50

Real Estate today that's gotten more and more and more difficult, with interest rates going from two to 3% a percent transaction count going from 6.8 million to three 3.8 million. And now you have this lawsuit that's, you know, in the public eye right now. So there's a lot going on in real estate that people are trying to stop that. But I know these guys will all get through it if they just focus. 

Kelly Cardenas  10:10

Absolutely. And you give the tools to be able to say, I can help you with that, that P word, I can help you with the profitable part no matter what your top line is. Because in today's society, everyone just wants to talk about the top line, right? They all want to talk about, I got a seven figure, eight figure 12 figure business, but they're not talking about what actually drops to the bottom. And that bottom conversation, I believe, is the most important and that's why Sisu for me, like not even being in the real estate business. But just being in business in general. It was one of those things when I started to realize that and this was a simple concept that my pops would say to me, and you know, he didn't even own a business and you will be like, it's not the money you make. It's the money you keep. And I was like, Yeah, whatever pop, but years later, it's one of those things that's core. And if we can focus in on that part of it, but how can we do that? We can do that by helping people to feel amazing about the systems because your systems really will never work if the people that work in them. Don't feel great about them. And that's the five. Right. Right. 

Brian Charlesworth  11:15

So I watched you as you watched me, I watched you at that conference as well. And what I know is, you're not in real estate. And you went to this real estate conference today event? I think it's two days, not three, right? Yeah, that's two day event. And you sat and listened to every speaker. You took notes on every speaker, you probably had more notes than anybody else in the room with the exception of maybe Louie, I'm not sure. And Louie is not the real estate industry, either. But you guys came in and took notes and like, you're all there. And so how do you do that? And why? Why do you do that? If you go to speak like most most keynotes, I know, they're gonna walk in 20 minutes before they go on stage, they're gonna get ready, you're gonna get their mindset, they're, you know, they're gonna get in the state, so that they can perform on stage, they're gonna perform on stage, and they're gonna walk out, they're gonna go their hotel and do whatever they're gonna do. So why why are you different? 

Kelly Cardenas  12:12

Well, I think that the different part is, is because for me, there's never going to be a keynote, there's going to be the same. So if someone came and say, for instance, I'm going to be speaking at nifty con, which is a digital marketing for attorneys, because there was someone in the audience at your event as springs event, and they asked me to come in, well, I'm going to craft it to them. And I like to spend time with the audience. Because again, we go back to it, right? What's the only business in the world is the people business. And so if you notice to my keynote that I delivered, had material that could not have been scripted, and less I knew the people in the room, because there was connection points that I made there. And that again, goes back to like, you can have all the formulas in the world. But when you can truly connect with people, that changes the game, you know, and so I like to feel the room, I like to understand the energy, I'd like to know where people are at, because I can think what they should want. But when I get in the room, I start feeling like, oh, wow, what do they actually want, and then we can deliver on that. And once that happens, as we say in showbusiness, it's curtains. Yeah. 

Brian Charlesworth  13:21

Well, I watched you on stage, and I think everybody in the room feels like you are their best friend, by the time you're off that stage. And the cool thing is like the stories you share about your family, you know, you talk about your pops a lot. Right? And, and your pops was not so successful. But without even knowing it, he did he was successful, because what he did successfully, is raise an amazing family and pass the skillsets along to you guys, just by the things he said without even. I mean, obviously he was knowledgeable and intelligent guy and knew a lot about life. But, but not so educated that you know, and maybe not making as much money as most. So there are many people who in that situation wouldn't have listened and learned the way the way that you did. And I'm so impressed with that. But But tell us like your family, your parents had a significant impact on your life, they still do. Absolutely. And what I want to know is, how in today's world, like we as parents, how can we have that impact on our kids lives? Because I know like, for me, being a parent is one of the most important things I can be. And if I can, I mean, I want to have an impact on everybody's life. But I really want to have an impact on my kids lives. And I think that's becoming more and more and more difficult. You know, I've got kids that are a generation apart. Wow. And it's it's more difficult today to have that impact, I believe than it was a decade ago. 

Kelly Cardenas  14:53

I think one of the biggest things is if you go analog, and when I say analog, I do digital analog. That sounds silly, right? But even with a remarkable tablet, right, so you know, having a remarkable tablet and actually writing, so I write most of my notes. That's what you saw me writing my notes from real estate spring break, I have a remarkable 

Brian Charlesworth  15:11

tablet as well. And it's sitting on my office sitting on my desk in my home office. I haven't used it for a year, I used to use it all the time. But I don't know what happened to that. 

Kelly Cardenas  15:20

Well, it is amazing. And so what I found was,

Kelly Cardenas  15:33

When I go analog, and you could do digital analog, but when I go analog, writing your kids a letter, this will take three minutes a day, this will literally change. For me, it really changed things because there was a time during the pandemic that my daughter went through a really challenging time, she was going into sixth grade pandemic happened, she was in a room a bunch and we didn't you know, as parents, we're going through so many things and whatever. I got a text and the text said, If this is the last time that I talked to you, I want you to know I love you. Well, that text was from my daughter's best friend's mom. But the text was a copy text because my daughter had sent it to her daughter. You catch where I'm going here? Yep. So I get the text. And I'm six hours away from my house. So there's nothing that I can do physically. And you can imagine this is the text that nobody in the world wants to get. Because basically, it's my daughter's telling her friend that I'm done. And my daughter is 12 years old at the time. And so Brian, I get her on the phone, I keep her on the phone, and I make it back from Santa Barbara, or Lompoc, California to San Diego, which generally should take about six hours, I'll make it back in about three and a half. And when I get back, I sit with my daughter we talk it doesn't make it all better. But I committed from that day that every single day I would write her a letter, just telling her specifically the things that was awesome about her because I got caught on this one time. And this letter process will take three minutes, start the letter off with their name, whatever their name is, my daughter's name is McKenna write out something that they did in the previous day. That was awesome. But it has to be very, very, very specific. And then write out you know, I love you or whatever it is at the end, you're kind of salutation. And what I found is my daughter started to come back to life. And what I do is I'd write a letter once a day, for seven days on Saturday, I'd give her the notebook most of the time at 12 years old, she wouldn't read it, she'd give me the notebook back without reading it, then I'd write it again. And what I realized was those letters were for me, because I had to wake up every day and find something because I did get caught on this one time I turn to my daughter on the way home from school and said, I'm proud of you. And she said Why. And I stuttered and she said, See, you don't mean it. You're just saying that because it's a routine. And what it helped me to realize was, when I started doing that, I started getting specific. It's what we refer to as speaking life, when you use someone's name something specific, and then you tell them about something that maybe you see in them. It give breathe life into them. And then it started happening with my son, then it started happening with my wife. And I tell you, that's how we built our whole entire business. Every week, people would have to say somebody's name, say something specific about them, and have to do it in 15 seconds. And literally, it can change if you analog and write it, it will change. It'll change your marriage. It'll change your time with your kids. I've got no books in my backpack right now. That are though, so I would encourage you stop, slow down, take three minutes and write the person a letter. But be very specific. 

Brian Charlesworth  18:41

That is such great advice. As I'm listening to you. I'm like, Okay, I need to do this for my wife. I don't know that could do this every day. But even if I went to once a week, like that would be life changing for me and for everyone for for spring for my kids, for anybody that I know, right? I mean, I know occasionally, like I've had some people come to our Sisu mastery events. And sometimes it has such an impact on them that they actually write a card and send it to me. And when they do that, that has an impact on me. Right? Huge. Yeah. So okay. I mean, I can end it right there. Because that's all we need to know. Like, that's it. That's all we need to know. 

Kelly Cardenas  19:20

So tell you, Brian, the power of letters most of the time, okay, you think about it was the suit right? Most of the success that people want to accomplish in the real estate business is the things that they overlook. It's not the shiny stuff. It's not the newest hottest technology with AI and doing all the stuff not to say that's not great. But it's the things that they overlook. Would you say before we started you said that, you know, spring can meet for one hour with her leadership focused in on these things. And it will take another person 80 hours in that week to be able to accomplish what she did in one hour, one hour a day, or one hour a day, right and so when when you're looking at those things, It's most of the time, just the things that we overlook. Yeah. 

Brian Charlesworth  20:02

Okay. I heard you speak. I think it was on somebody else's podcast. And you said, there are no challenges that you can't overcome. Tell me about that. Like, is that is that true? 

Kelly Cardenas  20:14

I believe so. Yeah. How do we go about that? Well, I think that it's first asking yourself what you believe, like what you truly, truly believe not what you've read a couple of times, and you think is, you know, hey, I read a business book. Now I'm a business coach. And when I look at it, like, I generally can see a person's belief system by the results that they have in their life, right? So you look at the results, what do they actually believe? And if you get to that point, and realize, like, you know, for mine, I've told you before, but you know, it's just super simple. I'm awesome. I'm beautiful. And I could do anything that I put my mind to. I'm the greatest. So I need to act according to that greatness. Do I do that every single day? Absolutely not. I fail at it a ton. But when a challenge comes circumstantially, right, and those are all circumstantial, I always think back to that parable about the farmer who finds a wild horse. And he finds a wild horse, and everyone's like, Oh, my gosh, you just found a new horse. Congratulations. Are you so happy said maybe. Next day, his son jumps on the horse tries to break the horse. They say and he breaks his arm falls off, breaks his arm, they're like, oh, my gosh, are you so mad? That horrible horse came into your presence, because now your son's arm is broken. And pharma said maybe the next day the draft happens, and they come in the army to be able to take his son away, but his arm is broken. So he doesn't have to go off to war. And they say, Oh, my gosh, are you so glad that you had the horse? Because your son now has a broken arm and doesn't have to go off to war? And he said, maybe. And I always think that just one word maybe. Because you never ever, ever know. Right? I had a convention that I was at. And everybody was clamoring for the one big guy. And the one big guy at the time was the biggest in the industry, sold one of his companies for $5.4 billion. So you can imagine everyone's clamoring for him. There's another guy who's kind of quiet, silent, whatever. And he's going to lunch, I see him. And I just think he's kind of cool. So I just said, Hey, how you doing? We started chatting. He asked me to lunch, we sit down, we talk about cars, nothing about the convention will come to find out that guy was one of the financiers of the guy who sold the company for 5.4 billion, but no one was talking to him. He also runs a company that does over a billion dollars in revenue a year. But no one was talking to him. You're over here talking cars. And so we were just chatting cars. And probably 15 years later, we now are doing business together. And I speak to his at his conferences. So I think that if you add that maybe, you know, was circumstantial. Is this the worst? I just went bankrupt. Is this the worst thing in the world? I can't believe it. Maybe Maybe you need to meet the lawyer that you're going to touch that you're going to connect with all those things. Think about this. If I didn't go to a one a fourth of July party, that everyone dressed up silly and wore crazy outfits and ate alligator. I wouldn't know you 

Brian Charlesworth  23:13

know better. There's a good point. 

Kelly Cardenas  23:15

Does that make sense? So I believe that every single thing, every single thing in our life is perfect for the time when in which it happens. And if we can think about it in that way, because you don't know what's going to happen the next second, you don't know how many people you're gonna bless. So that's 

Brian Charlesworth  23:35

beautifully said. So tell me about your podcast. Kelly, I want these listeners to hear about your podcast. So let's let's dive into that for a minute. Because, you know, I've been doing a podcast for years. And I know my podcast is not one of the top podcasts. But it might be now that I have you on it today. So maybe, maybe so, so tell us about your podcast? 

Kelly Cardenas  23:56

Well, I started it off because I wanted to show my kids that I didn't want them to worship idols. I just wanted them to be inspired by icons. So I wanted to go after every single, you know, amazing person in the world that was great at their discipline, not to say the most famous people sometimes there's famous people on there. But I wanted to do that because I wanted to humanize all these people like yourself, you're an iconic person to me, most people don't experience the type of success in business that you have. And to be able to have the family that you have, Brian, most people don't do that. But also sometimes it goes into idol worship. So a person will look at you and be like, Oh my gosh, I love what he does all the things. He has all these things. I'm just going to worship Brian. I wanted my kids to see that. Now. That's uncle Brian. Uncle Brian has a heart he leads with his heart. His mind is built and he has a phenomenal mindset and his actions are in line with those things. But he's at the end of the day. He's a person just like you. So I started because of that. And then I've kind of you know, you more you'll learn things right? And so I do the interview process and I think about it like almost like a tea TV station. Right? So different programs for different times. So I have interviews with some of the most iconic people in the world, then I started doing the corresponding proverb for the corresponding day. So, I took that. And so what I did in this, and this turned some people off, because they're like, Oh, you're trying to, why are you reading the Bible, and I was like, I'm reading the Bible for wisdom, not for a religious stance or a ritual, but I'm doing it for a relationship and for wisdom, right? And so watch this. If we get wisdom, which is the right use of knowledge, then we can add knowledge to that, and it works. That knowledge will give us understanding, understanding will give us insight, Insight will give us discretion, discretion will give us discipline, discipline will give us strength, and that strength will lead us right back to wisdom. And so in any business, you think about that cycle, right, if I lacked discretion, Brian, you're the best at this. If I lacked discretion, right? I'm going to take every single deal that comes to the table, because I don't have the discretion to be able to sit back and be like, That's not for me. You just told me that there's people that ask you to do things for them that they're willing to pay a lot of money to you and you're like, Nah, I'm not that guy. You just said that before we are recording. Right? 

Brian Charlesworth  26:11

Yeah, I mean, I am not a real estate coach. There are a lot of people that want me to be. And it's interesting, because I know for a fact that you could give me any agent that has drive that is hungry. And I can get that agent to make 300 grand a year. Like, I know that. Or if you give me any team leader in real estate, and they really want to get to 100 million and closed volume, I can do that as well. I know I can do that. But I don't want you to pay me like I'll just help you get there. Right? I don't need to be paid to spend 20 minutes with you every week. But if you want me to help you get there I will. That's how I feel. 

Kelly Cardenas  26:47

And so that's the discretion right? Because you understand and no, right. And so I started doing that the corresponding proper for the corresponding day. What it did for my speaking career was exponential, though, is because from January, a busy podcaster, as you know, does an episode a week, so it's 52 weeks in a year 52 episodes. So get this since January 6, we've done 107 episodes. And so what it did is just like any business, it gave me the reps. So I have to deliver a message in 10 to 15 minutes that you can listen to on your walk that will you know, be 3000 year old wisdom of what you can apply today. And so it was delivering messages, and it was creating the muscle of my keynote speaking because that's where my focus is right? And then I started one, that's just a silly thing. But it's jumped off, which is called Brian, you have to meet my friends. And so I go live on the podcast, and then I call my friends randomly out of my phone. 

Brian Charlesworth  27:47

I haven't heard this. I haven't heard you do this yet. 

Kelly Cardenas  27:50

And I ask, right when they answer. I'm like, hey, you know, my buddy will Hey, well, what's up, man? Would you want to be on the podcast? And he's like, Oh, yeah. Cool. I'd love to be on LBI. Cool, because you're on right now. Is that cool. And then we have a random conversation. Sometimes it goes to sports, sometimes it goes to business, sometimes it goes to wisdom, whatever it is, and you get this mixed bag. And it's the reality and raw part that the response has been nuts. Now some of my friends are like, dude, I'm not answering the phone. Like, so. But it's it's amazing. Because you get I mean, imagine, can you imagine if somebody got the opportunity to hear some of the conversations that you have with your friends, it would blow their mind? Absolutely blow their mind? 

Brian Charlesworth  28:34

Yeah, no, I think it's a great, great strategy, the hard thing to do, and that would be fun to do. The hard thing to do is when you just get on and talk, which you're great, you're great speaker, right? You're great on stage. So So that's for you. For me, it's 1000 times easier to interview somebody like you or to be interviewed than to get on stage and present or then to, you know, just sit in front of a camera and talk. 

Kelly Cardenas  28:58

Well, I go back to what you said, right? If I give you a real estate agent that is committed. Yeah. If they're committed, you could turn them into a $300,000 earner a year. You know that? Right? I think that the same way, as far as in the speaking it's a muscle. So think about this, like this year already. Just since January 6, I've had 107 opportunities, just virtually not including all the speaking engagements that I've done corporately. So it works. The muscle plus what it's done is helped me to be able to deliver a message in a minute to a minute and a half, which is a skill set that I believe that every single person in the world right now needs. 

Brian Charlesworth  29:43

Yes. Yeah. So I've heard you on stage. You're amazing. It's been listened to and I feel like I'm your best friend because I've heard you a few times. If I wanted you to speak at another event. I know spring that you speak at her event, but that's her event. I had nothing to do with how she got you to speak at that event. So the If I'm one of our listeners, and I want to have you come speak at an event, how do I get a hold of you for that? What's the best way to contact you? And tell us like, you just mentioned three different podcasts. I've heard many of your podcasts. But how do I get to your podcast? And how do I get to you for speaking engagements. 

Kelly Cardenas  30:15

So the speaking engagements, you could go to Kelly, there's a booking form there that you'll do and your request and our team can get get in touch with you and see what the needs are. And what we'd like to do is, again, we cater exactly to the event. So with nifty con, and I'm speaking to attorneys and digital marketing. So we're crafting a message for that, and I'm spending time with that conference. And with the people going to be doing one is called a legacy summit in Arizona in November. And that one, you know, we want to craft it based off that I just spoke to 3000 leaders in Nashville this last past weekend. And so the whole message there, their whole convention was I want to be a game changer. Well, the way that you become a game changer is realize that success is in the plan. But the magic is in the moment. And what we did is we transformed and locked into all the moments that have happened with the people and let them know that all I need is four of you to get to Tuesday, because it was Monday. And so if four of you could get to Tuesday, then you could create a magical moment in somebody else's life and help them to get to the next Tuesday. Right. And so we crafted specifically for that. So that's Kelly And then that's going to have the podcast on there. It's called the vibe, and it's on YouTube, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Apple, Spotify, everywhere that you get your podcasts. But if you could subscribe on YouTube, it'd be awesome because my son is 12. And he thinks I'm cool if I have some subscribers, okay, 

Brian Charlesworth  31:41

I listened to your vibe podcast, but I will go subscribe on YouTube, because I don't think I've done that yet. So tell me about the Vibram. Is that something that I can listen to on the vibe? Or your? Where do you guys broadcast that? 

Kelly Cardenas  31:53

So I take the interviews afterwards, and then we'll put them up, okay. But the Vibram The reason why I did it, it was this silly idea of sitting at home with my wife. And I saw David Letterman's. My next guest needs no introduction. And it's a show on Netflix. And I said to my wife, as I do with a lot of ideas. I thought it'd be cool to do that. And while we started the podcast, so many people wanted to be in the studio and listen to Brian, they wanted to meet you and be in person with you because they're getting you're being interviewed on the podcast. And so I said, Well, why don't we just create a live podcast and have people in studio audience and then it transferred into this speakeasy jazz club that's in Salt Lake City, we're going to be doing the next one in July. And it's not so much the people on the stage. Because that's what the generally the show is about in every other show that you go to this one's about the people in the audience and you experienced it like you'll meet people and connect in the audience. And it's in a light fun arena. And now we actually just added music to it too. So we have a musical artist and then we do a couple interviews. 

Brian Charlesworth  32:57

Yeah. So when I went to I got to meet Sean Whalen. We talked about he's a racecar driver. I want to be a racecar driver. already. You know, we talked about a lot of other things. And now you know, he and I will just randomly text each other occasionally, which is really cool. He's a great guy. I have mad respect for him. So So anyway, but that all happened because I went to to your library. So thank you for that. So anyway, guys, this is Kelly Cardenas, he is somebody you want to get to know. Go check out his vibe podcast, and you guys know Kelly will get you to his speaking engagements. Go there. Check it out. You will love what he does. So Kelly, thanks for joining me on the show today. It's been fun. 

Kelly Cardenas  33:35

I appreciate you my brother.

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