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Episode 139: How Jeff Glover Structures His Team for Real Estate Excellence

In this episode of GRIT, Brian Charlesworth, founder of Sisu, talks with Jeff Glover of Glover U, Michigan's #1 realtor for nearly a decade.

Brian Charlesworth

Brian Charlesworth

Chairman & CEO

Brian is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business builder, and thought leader in the real estate industry. With a track record of success in software, telecommunications, and franchise businesses, Brian has a talent for identifying and realizing business opportunities. Driven by his passion for technology, Brian is dedicated to using his skills and experience to bring about positive change and improve people's lives through the advancement of technology.




Jeff takes listeners on a tour of his daily life, managing a high-volume listing schedule while also leading one of the top real estate coaching programs in the nation. He discusses his entry into the real estate world and how he has managed to stay on top through both booming and challenging times.

At the Glover Agency, where a team of over 25 agents sells more than 1,000 homes each year, we asked Jeff about the secret behind their success. Jeff tells us it boils down to maintaining professionalism in every aspect of the work. From scheduling appointments to conducting follow-ups, and managing team structure, everything is streamlined and held to a high standard.

Throughout the episode, Jeff emphasizes the critical importance of maintaining a pipeline of potential listings and how he manages to secure multiple new properties each month. He shares detailed strategies for lead generation, client engagement, and closing deals, which have all contributed to his reputation as a leader in real estate sales. Jeff also discusses the importance of personal development and continuous learning, which he integrates into his coaching to empower other real estate professionals.

Top Takeaways:

(2:46) The two most important factors in a successful transaction

(3:32) What’s the one thing you must achieve every day as an agent? 

(4:24) Why is having a daily goal important for real estate agents? 

(5:13) How does dressing to impress impact your clients? 

(8:04) Where do team leaders usually find their best recruits?

(9:30) How can real estate teams reduce turnover?

(13:39) How can buyer's agents attract more clients?

(16:07) What two changes led to a 75% conversion rate?

(22:45) Why our coaches are required to sell real estate actively?

(28:05) Why is the met-to-signed ratio crucial for listings?

(31:23) Anticipating the real estate market’s next big shift

(32:00) How to prepare for a surge in expired listings

Listeners will also hear Jeff's perspective on the future of real estate and how adapting to technological advances and market shifts is crucial for sustained success. His insights have actionable advice for both novice and experienced agents, making this a must-listen for anyone interested in elevating their real estate career.

About Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover has been Michigan's #1 realtor for nearly a decade, known for his deep understanding of the local market. He leads the Glover Agency, a top-performing team of over 25 agents that sells more than 1,000 homes annually. His team has been recognized as the "#1 Top Workplace in Michigan" by the Detroit Free Press and a "Cool Place to Work" by Crain's Detroit. Jeff is renowned for his strong negotiation skills, effective marketing strategies, and emphasis on building client relationships. He also focuses on empowering agents and fostering a collaborative team environment.

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Glover U



Brian Charlesworth  00:35

Everyone, welcome back to the Grit Podcast. I'm Brian Charlesworth. I'm the founder of Sisu and the host of the show, and excited for today's guests. It's fun. I'm back in the routine of every week, or multiple times a week, talking to people like our guest today and super excited for today's guest. I'm here in the studio with Jeff Glover. You guys all know who Jeff is. He's been very loud in this industry over the last couple of years. And I remember when he was just starting Glover U A few years back. I don't know how long it's been three or four years, Jeff, 

Jeff Glover  01:07

we started the company in 2018 2018. 

Brian Charlesworth  01:10

Okay, so anyway, Jeff has a ton of momentum right now. And I'm super excited to have him on the show. I know he's gonna bring a ton of value. So Jeff is still a team owner at KW runs a very successful team. He has one of the top coaching companies and also I would say Jeff's claim to fame as far as I know. And Jeff, you can correct me on this. Yeah. Jeff's claim to fame is he is the only coach in this industry, who is still taking, you know, six to 10 listings a month. Is that correct? Is that still a correct number? 

Jeff Glover  01:40

That's right. Yeah. No, I wouldn't say only I'm sure there's other coaches that are in production. I like to present it and this is just, you know, me being kind of silly with this is probably the most productive real estate coaches. way to put it. There's other coaches who are in production, but I would argue that I'm most I'm selling more than them probably. 

Brian Charlesworth  01:57

Yes. Okay. And I would add to that, so how often are you on the road, Jeff? 

Jeff Glover  02:02

Well, right now, it's tourist season. So it's like three, four days a week. So I'm in production on Saturdays and Mondays, and then basically Tuesday through Friday, I'm on the road. But outside of tour, I'm in production, probably three, four days a week. 

Brian Charlesworth  02:16

Okay, so I just want you guys to know Jeff is out producing right now, with two days a week Production right there 

Jeff Glover  02:22

10 listings a month, and I'd probably do one, maybe two buyer sales a month. 

Brian Charlesworth  02:27

So there, there are some things you're all going to learn today. So Jeff, maybe we can kick it off with this, like, how is it you're still taking so many listings? With the schedule you have? I don't get it? 

Jeff Glover  02:38

Well, of course, I've got good people behind the scenes. And I know no one likes hearing that. Because it's like, well, there goes, you know, I don't have that, or I can't have that right now or whatever. I will tell you my secret sauce to making it happen in short amount of time is I focus on the two most important factors or, or, or components of the transaction, and that is generating or converting the lead and going on the appointment outside of those two, you know, don't get me wrong, you know, after we're done with this webinar, I'm teaching in Houston today, after we're done with this webinar, I have to call a seller to congratulate them on their closing and whatnot. I mean, I have to get involved. But my I am hyper focused on generating and converting the lead and going on the appointments. Everything else is handled behind the scenes. Yeah. 

Brian Charlesworth  03:25

Okay. This is great. There's a couple things I want to drill in on here. Because I think it's I mean, I see this all the time, I work with a lot of teams, and I work very closely with my wife's team. There are so many agents that come into the office, and they are not focused on getting an appointment. I mean, some people think about, oh, I've got to talk to this many people, but they're not thinking about getting an appointment. Who cares how many people you talk to, if you can just get an appointment every day. And I remember you came in and did an event with springs team. And you said this, I'll never forget this. If you didn't get an appointment today, then what did you do? 

Jeff Glover  03:56

And I do That's right, isn't ours. And if I didn't go on an appointment today, and the actual quote has been going over today, seriously, what did I accomplish? And the answer is nothing because that's the most important thing you can do every single day. And so Brian, my coach held me accountable to for years if I didn't have an appointment to go on. Okay, I had to do the activity that I hated the most. And I still hate it to this day and I'll do it to show up my agents or for Instagram or something. But I hated Dornoch and so every day so my coach knew that and guess what it worked because he made that a penalty every day. I don't employ me to go on Brian. I have to go door knock three to five doors. You guys got me in earlier it got me focused on that. What? I gotta get an appointment today. I had lunch I had until lunchtime. I didn't have an appointment set by 12 Noon. Guaranteed I'm out knocking on doors this afternoon. Because you know why you dress for what you want? Not for what you have. Yeah, yes. You know, I was suited up every single day I'm dressed to go see someone every single day. 

Brian Charlesworth  04:58

I don't think I've ever seen you Without a sports jacket on, so I thank you for talking to me when I don't have that on but 

Jeff Glover  05:05

you're in technology. Technology. You guys are kind of nerdy, you know? You get it right. 

Brian Charlesworth  05:11

You're in a technology. Totally, totally. 

Jeff Glover  05:13

Yeah, I'm in a professional selling space, I am selling their most valuable asset, I have to take it seriously. And I have to show them that I took it seriously. 

Brian Charlesworth  05:23

So you have to dress to impress. That's that's something you're telling me. I'm getting that from you. You have to dress to impress if you're going to be out well, you do not. 

Jeff Glover  05:31

But if I'm going to try and impress myself with a homeowner that's interviewing other agents, yes. 

Brian Charlesworth  05:37

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. Agents have to dress to impress. Okay, so one thing you said, you said, you have really good people behind the scenes and you just kind of pass that over. And you know, I think a lot of people are like, I know that every time someone comes out here and they see Springsteen and they meet with Justin, they see Justin lead an audience, they're like, oh, I need a Justin. Right. So all these people are probably saying I need what you have Jeff, I need whoever's behind the scenes. Yeah. Give us some advice, like how do I get the right people behind the scenes so that I can do some of the things that you're doing be more productive with my time? 

Jeff Glover  06:10

Well, I hear very similar thing, probably two, what spring hears about Justin, I hear about Taylor, I need to Taylor. And the thing is, there's two ways you can have a Justin or a Taylor, okay? You either need to develop them and have patience in developing them. And knowing that it's going to take you three to five years before you get them where you want them to be. Yep. Or you go out and pay sometimes even overpay for proven talent, someone who are succeeding in a mid level or upper leadership role in another organization that you're willing to pay them 20% more or creative vision, share your vision with them on how they could run the company one day or whatever. There's no such thing as going out. And hiring a tailor without going out of your comfort zone, what you're willing to pay someone who's adjusted or tailor unless you have the patience to develop them the way you want them to be. But it's gonna take three to five years. And it's not going to happen quick. 

Brian Charlesworth  07:09

I need to know what is Taylor's background? 

Jeff Glover  07:13

Well, Taylor started with us when she was 18 years old. So Her background was high school. Now she was a she was a server all through high school. So she was a restaurant, you know, waitress. 

Brian Charlesworth  07:22

So you groomed her in the real estate industry? Correct? 

Jeff Glover  07:24

Yeah, she started as our listing coordinator. And then she became our transaction manager. And then she became our marketing assistant. And then she became my executive assistant. And you know, then she became an operations manager. And then she became the Director of Operations. And then she became the director of operations over all the companies. And now actually, she's still doing that, because most high caliber people can handle a couple of roles. She's doing that. But she's also the leader of our sales team and Glover agency, because she wanted to exercise her sales muscle. 

Brian Charlesworth  07:58

I love it. So I think this is what so many people don't think about. I watch these people, these team leaders say, hey, you know, either they want to get out of production, or they just want to have more time or whatever it is, but they're looking for that Justin in that tailor. And where they go to look for that Justin and Taylor is usually from the within the industry. And what I've observed in seeing so many top teams is that most of those people actually come from outside of the industry, which you just shared with me. Taylor had no experience in the industry. That's right. Yeah, I can share with you Justin had no experience in the industry. Justin was Tony Robbins speaker out getting people to go to Tony Robbins events and on the road, you know, six days a week, he had the Jeff Glover lifestyle lifestyle back. 

Jeff Glover  08:48

No, you're spot on. In fact, it's almost better. I wouldn't take it one step further. Brian. Yeah, you'd say it's almost better if they don't come from the industry. All right. I would agree with you. You don't have any bad habits and old ways of doing things? Yep. 

Brian Charlesworth  09:00

And that's what I wanted to point out. You want to be able to groom these people to do things the right way? Not the way that the average way that's been being done by so many people in this industry, correct? That's right. Yeah. Okay. Great. So is there anything else you want to talk about just on taking listings taking action? Like how to sell more homes? Like, how do you do this? And yeah, well, let's, let's go there first, and then we'll go to the next. 

Jeff Glover  09:26

So I mean, the biggest thing for me has always been seller focused. And I think that one of the bigger mistakes that teams have made through the years and they're starting to pick up on it or change their ways a bit is having designated buyer's agents versus listing agents. I've never been a big fan of that, because that leads to turnover later, once they become successful, or once they get comfortable buyers. You know, now they want to work sellers. And if there's not an opportunity for them to work sellers within your organization, you're going to lose them because they're going to be co sold, or do something like that. So we've always actually been On the opposite of what most teams do as it relates to this, and we start them off all of them, teaching them the seller side of the business, because if you can master the sell side, the buy side is the buy side is a breeze. And so you know that that's, that has put us in a position to be even to this day, you know, with listings being down in our market, we're still taking anywhere from 75 to 100 listings per month. And that's a team of 34 agents. Yeah, that's awesome. So that's because it's listings first, and I know it sounds cliche, or it might sound basic, but waking up every day with the mentality that you're a listing agent first. And then how do you get the word out about that? Yeah, 

Brian Charlesworth  10:38

I love it. I totally agree with you. And yeah, why would you not have every agent be able to sell both? I've never been able to, 

Jeff Glover  10:45

you're gonna have some that gravitate more towards buyers, and that's fine. But listen, I don't want you shying away from seller opportunities, because you don't feel trained to handle them. And everyone is trained to take listings, and not only just take listings, but to compete against the best agents out there. Okay. 

Brian Charlesworth  11:02

So everyone's freaked out right now about okay, what's happening in July, and now it's moved to August, what's happening in August, like what needs to happen here? We've got this lawsuit, everyone's settling or has settled, and things are changing. And I agree with you. I think if people are prepared, if people know how to do listings, they're easily going to be able to go do the same thing on the buy side. But what about those buyer's agents that haven't been trained to go out and show their value and get a buyer broker signed? What are your thoughts? Like? What are some shifts that some of these team leaders that have run in that way and do today? 

Jeff Glover  11:38

Well, I know this might sound a little backwards, but I actually believe that our agents, at least the agents that follow the Glover use system. On the listing side, hands down, when this came out, every listing agent in our world gotta raise, all right, because at the end of the day, buyers want representation, but they want the House floor. So we're gonna see a lot more double ending, the value of the open house just went up for sale by owner juries just went up. So on the listing side, I'm like throwing a party over here, I love it being a listing agent. Now on the buy side, at least the agents that are ruled and follow our system, I actually believe the agents on the buy side have an opportunity to make the same or more. And that's because we've already seen in MLS is across the country over the last couple of years, buyer's agent commissions, averaging less than what they used to, you know, let's just say, hypothetically, they were averaging 3%. Before, you know, we're starting to see we've seen over the last couple years in markets across the country to two and a quarter, two and a half to 75. And most agents have just been accepting whatever was on 

Brian Charlesworth  12:47

Yeah, two to two and a half. That's, that's what they accept, right? 

Jeff Glover  12:51

Whatever I get it closing is what I get. Well, now, if you do it right, your buyer will fully understand that they're responsible for that difference of what you can negotiate versus what their contract says that they have to pay you. And on the deals that you might have been getting two and a quarter or two and a half, you're now getting three or three and a quarter to seven, five, or whatever it is your fee is. So I actually believe the best of the best buyer's agents are actually going to make more with these changes. 

Brian Charlesworth  13:19

Oh,man, we're gonna have to put this out like everywhere, because people need to hear that. 

Jeff Glover  13:24

All right, well, and now by the way, I will say this disclaimer, it is easier said than done. Because what that's gonna mean Brian is a fully updated buyer consultation, all of your materials need to go through an update. Watch. Here's an example. Here's something you haven't heard in a while on the buy side, buyer agent statistics, no different than when a listing agent promotes that they got a seller 102% of the asking price, in an average of 13 days, right? buyer's agents should start to develop statistics such as I average my buyers two and a half percent off of the asking price. I average my buyers as their offer accepted after on average one and a half offers written just like listing agents and promoting their stats, buyer's agents now have an opportunity to promote their stats to attract more buyers to want to work with them. Because certainly, and at that point, if they say, Well, yeah, this guy is doing a really good job for his buyers. I don't care if I have to pay him a point or two more if I'm getting this than I want. I want to work with this person. So there's so many opportunities to kind of bridge that gap from what the value before as a buyer's agent to what no different than like, how we teach our listing agents to be on social media and the videos that they need to create buyer's agents need to essentially they need to like think of themselves as a listing agent. But on the buy side, right, like I'm teaching a lot of teams right now. You know, traditionally, you have and this is actually a good one for what Sisu does as well. Traditionally you have a listing in a regular old real estate office or in a team. You have a listing board and a sales board right like you know listing board you have a pending board. I'm encouraging team To create a listing board, a buyer contract board and a pending sale board. So now you have a third board where everyone walks up to the board and they write up their buyer contract of an active buyer that they have that just signed a contract and you just little contests around that. 

Brian Charlesworth  15:14

So what you can do, and then in Sisu language, that would be another swim lane in your stages board that is sitting there where you know, who has actually been signed on the buy side? Yep, I love that it is equally as valuable. I totally agree with that. One of the things I've been preaching Jeff, I only sold real estate for about 18 months, but I did sell 48 homes 40 listings that's good 

Jeff Glover  15:34

enough for you to understand the industry. I mean, I respect that, you know, because there's a lot of people who do what you do have no idea what we do. Yeah. 

Brian Charlesworth  15:39

Yeah. So what I found though, I was one of those guys, that was expireds and fizz bows, right? And that's how I got and I want to ask you in a minute, like, what should those legs of the stool be in today's market, because you guys are doing more of this than anybody. But what I found was, 

Brian Charlesworth  16:07

In calling FizzBuzz and expireds, I was getting 25% conversion on my listings, appointments met designed for the first little while, right? probably call it the first six months, and then I figured something out. Figured two things out. One is I had to show up and ask questions instead of throw up, you know, show up and throw up and tell everything about myself and my team asking the right questions. The other thing I found out was, if I would deliver a pre listing packet before that appointment, made a massive difference. So I got that conversion up to 75% from 25% When I did those two shifts. So one of the things I've been preaching over the last six months, I don't know how familiar I know you guys use these when you're coaching but you probably don't use the Sisu client portal Sisu client portal allows you to deliver a pre listing packet through the client portal. So virtually they're all the documents, all the comps, all the testimonials, all that stuff. I think people need to do the exact same thing on buyer appointments, and have those people living in that team's client portal before they even show up. Which it's not a Sisu client portal. It's branded your team, right? 

Jeff Glover  17:10

Listen, we're on the same wavelength because at our retreat this summer in Traverse City, we're introducing a new buyer pre qual script and a new buyer pre appointment package. Okay, specifically for these changes. So yeah, we're on the same wavelength there. So just like we've traditionally done with sellers, seller prequel script, seller pre list package, we're now going to have a buyer pre qual script, buyer pre appointment package. 

Brian Charlesworth  17:35

Great. And I you guys are doing an amazing job. At some point, Jeff, I want to get closer with you and help you elevate and get that in the season client portal. Because imagine this when you and I order something on DoorDash we know exactly where it's at the whole way through the biggest weakness of agents is they don't share what's actually happening. And so people don't see the value they're delivering, because they share that roadmap all the way through and communicated with that through a client portal. It's extremely, extremely powerful. 

Jeff Glover  18:05

So I want to I want to know when the pepperoni has been thrown on my pizza, so I appreciate that. Yeah, yeah, exactly. 

Brian Charlesworth  18:10

Okay, so let's talk about the industry. You just said a lot about the industry. And I mean, what do buyers agency to do you want to be a listing agent? I mean, we all we've all known that forever, but more more than ever. That's true today. 

Jeff Glover  18:24

You know, the old saying used to be blisters last buyers pay. You know, we're I reworded it. It's listers last and buyers pay sometimes. Yes, yes. I mean, I'm going to call the elephant in the room, a lot of brokers and team owners are putting their their head in the sand on this, you are gonna have buyers that get involved with buyers and buyers that go transact real estate and your agents are making little to no commission on some deals, like we're just going to have to understand that that's going to be part of the game. 

Brian Charlesworth  18:50

If you don't train them now. You're in trouble. Right? So what else with the industry, I mean, tell me about interest rates, like we've kind of blown this over. But to me, it's a major, major deal, like interest rates went from 2% to 8%. overnight. And we went from the biggest home sells year, I can remember, which was 6.8 million, down to 3.8 million, which is 400,000 less than the 4.2 million that we thought was so horrible in 2008. So like, tell me about this, like, What's your perspective on what's going to happen with this industry? 

Jeff Glover  19:28

Well, a couple of things come to mind. Number one, hear me loud and clear on this. You know, I've been doing this 22 years. I know you've been doing a long time. The amount of agents available to work the business is always less than any sort of decline that we see in the industry and I experienced this firsthand. Back in 2008 2009, I was in the middle of it in Detroit, Michigan, the big three you know, everyone had mortgage crisis and job crisis. I had mortgage job auto I pretty much everything manufacturing anyways. You know, if you look back at NAR 

Brian Charlesworth  20:00

well, and you're surrounded by the two largest mortgage companies in the world right there looking over your 

Jeff Glover  20:07

if you look back to those years, if you look at the NAR stats, here's one thing you'll find while the sales dropped, not drastically, the agent count dropped drastically. All right, but the sales dropped maybe 20 25%. During those years. Yeah, but the Legion count dropped 40 to 45% during those years. So there was actually more to go around. So Brian, my opinion is, this is perfect. There's more to go around for those that stick it out. And that those that are professional, and so, you know, that's just been my mindset on it. And, you know, I hear all the time I've heard over the last five years from agents and team owners. And of course, if they're my competitors, I take this stance, but if not, I want to help them. And that is, oh, we're just going to shift our focus to buyers since there's less sellers. Are you kidding me? What you're doing is you're justifying that it's okay to take less seller business. You know, when all the buzz came about, about listings declining? Do you know what we did? We went all in on sellers. We said we're gonna double down on sellers and in our market, like any market listings are down 5075 100% Over the last five years. And our listings have not moved a bit. We're still taking 75 to 100 listings per month, three years ago, we were taking 75 to 100 listings a month, five years ago, we were taking 75 listings per month, our numbers haven't moved a bit. Why? Because we made a decision to go all in on that business while everyone else was chasing squirrels and shiny objects. 

Brian Charlesworth  21:28

Yeah, that's such great advice. How many agents has the industry lost to date? Do you know I have not been able to get a firm grasp about 

Jeff Glover  21:35

350 to 400,000 over the last few years. Okay, we pieced together the ones we ballooned to one six. Okay, which actually is what it was back in 2005 2006. The very, very last last time Mark was hot. And we're down now about 11512. Somewhere in that range. Okay. Okay, it's gonna be a little harder to tell, because you know, if NAR is losing them, we used to just go by whatnot told us well, now they might be real estate agents, but they're not members. So it's gonna be a little harder to figure it out. But we should get down. I think we're gonna get that after this NAR settlement kicks in. And it's already starting to happen in terms of agents like hanging it up and go and find other jobs. I believe we're going to hover somewhere around 850 to 900,000 Realtors within the next couple of years. Yeah, 

Brian Charlesworth  22:20

I would agree with that. 

Jeff Glover  22:21

And by the way, 

Brian Charlesworth  22:24

that's more houses to go around. Right that these we will have more productive, more effective agents and the rest will just get out 

Jeff Glover  22:31

of the way in 2009. NARS membership was like eight 900,000. So we've been there. 

Brian Charlesworth  22:36

Yeah. Interesting. Okay, Jeff, tell me about your coaching. What is Glover you tell me about that. 

Jeff Glover  22:41

So we're a broker agnostic. You know, we jokingly say nondenominational you know, today, we have pretty much every single organization, whether it's a franchise or a corporation, or a publicly traded real estate company, represented in our audience, we have clients from every single company, we have coaches, not every single company yet, but we've got 16 coaches now, most of them are from different companies. So you know, we've got a mix of coaches. And our big thing is, we're in the trenches with our people. This isn't anything against anyone who's not, it's just, our coaches all either have to be listing and selling real estate, or they have to be leading teams. And so therefore, you can coach other people to lead teams successfully based on what's working right now. I had somebody come up to me, actually, I tell the story, Brian, you'll appreciate it. Actually, it was one of the tour stops we did in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a real sharp dress, young man, real tall, you know, sharp looking guy come up to me and say, I have to tell you, I've been following you for a couple years now. And I want to say, I want to ask you a question. It's okay, what's that? He said, Where do you come up with the content? For all this stuff that you share? We were doing a three and a half hour session at one of the hotels here in Salt Lake. And I had to actually give it some thought for a second. I said, Honestly, I don't have to come up with any content. I just share what we do. And he's like, that makes sense. He said, because your your things that I'm hearing from other training organizations, they're sharing stuff that you taught two years ago, I said will always stay ahead because I'm in it with you. I know what the buyers are saying, I know what the sellers are saying, I know what lead sources are working. I know what's working on presentations. I know what objection handlers don't work anymore, which do work anymore. I know how we still get 10 contacts per hour, for instance, which used to be the number for years, it doesn't come from the old fashioned cold call, it comes from texting, email, video messages. So you know, anyways, it's just I'm in it with you. And our coaches are in it, and they're on the ground with people. So I think that that helps. And that's probably why we're growing at the rate that we're growing at, because we're in the trenches with our people. 

Brian Charlesworth  24:39

Yeah, that's great. And one of the things obviously, you guys are one of the few coaching companies I'm aware of that actually includes Sisu Yeah. Someone being a part of your coaching program. It's part of similar thing to that. Why why do you leverage Jason for that? 

Jeff Glover  24:53

Because if we're going to coach you, I got to know your numbers. If you're a business person, you got to know your numbers, not Just because it's cool to know your numbers and, and the slides behind Brian's head there look really cool and all the TVs around the office. No, that's not why we have Sisu. We utilize Sisu in our coaching, because if you're telling me you're went on 10 appointments, you got three signs, I gotta know what happened with the other seven, did they list with somebody else? What did they tell you why they weren't signing with you right now, if I know the numbers, and I can coach you better, whether you're in coaching or not, if you know your own numbers, you can do self accountability, self awareness. And so what I find Brian is most people don't value knowing their numbers, because they don't know what value it brings to their business. And what I would say is I could not operate my business without knowing my numbers. 

Brian Charlesworth  25:39

When we say when you say or when I say, hey, you need to know your numbers. I think it goes right over most people. So you just described, you just described something like you just said, Hey, I don't need to know what happened. Those seven others, but give me a few other examples. Like, by knowing your numbers, what can that allow me to do? Watch? 

Jeff Glover  25:58

Okay, here's a ratio that every agent should know. I've tracked it for years with my personal business and with our teams, and that is your contact per closing ratio. Contact per closing ratio because watch this, if I'm sitting across from one of my agents, alright, I'm just gonna pick one of my agents. Her name's Amy Duggan. All right, Amy. You closed 32 transactions last year, and you're averaging one closing for every I'm just gonna pick a number to keep it keep it simple one closing for every 100 contacts. So essentially, you made 3200 contacts last year, you got 32 closings from it. Yep, that's right. Okay. Now watch this. What do you want to sell this year? I want to sell 40 homes this year. 40. Perfect. We can figure out exactly how many contacts it's going to take in order for me to sell 40 homes. And then we can divide that up. Now me how many days do you want to work next year? Well, I want to take a few extra weeks off here and there. You know, I've been doing this for a while. I'd like to maybe take, you know, at least a couple of weekends in June, July and August off. Okay. No, that's really cool. Good for you. Perfect. So you want to work 250 working days? Yep. Great. So we're going to take 3600 contacts divided by 250 working days, and that spits out a number. And that's her contact per day number. If you understand your contact for closing ratio every single year or month, or however you want, however often you want to adjust your goals, you can figure out to the number, how many contacts you have to make per day in order to accomplish that. 

Brian Charlesworth  27:20

Yeah, it's so valuable. It's also so much more motivating for an agent if they know, hey, every 100 contacts, I'm going to close a deal. If I knew that I'd make 100 contacts a week, right? You can 

Jeff Glover  27:32

take it a step further, because then you can figure out and I want everyone to write this down. If you're still taking notes, figure out the value of a know the value of a no. In other words, if your average commission check is 10,000 bucks, and you had to make 100 contacts to get it. Each one of those was worth $100. Every single time someone told you to go fly a kite. You just got 100 bucks. Yeah, tell me to bizarre 100 bucks, right? Like you just look at the no 

Brian Charlesworth  27:58

no's are a game and it's fun, right? It's fun to be a part of the game of nose. Yeah, it's great. There's actually a report in Sisu that actually let you know, it doesn't matter if it's conversations to closed or appointments to closed, whatever it is, you can know that instantly. One of the conversion ratios that I think is super important now, which this has always been key on listings, and you know this as much as anybody. But Matt design has always been a very important ratio on listings. I just talked to you about Mine, mine was 25%. I got it to 75% that allowed me to make a lot more money when it got to 75%. And that's all I had to focus on. Was that one little shift? Yeah. But I think that needs to be something that's focused on on the buyer side now as well, that met to signed, that conversion ratio just got like, it just became one of the most important conversion ratios in the business, in my opinion. Do you agree with that? 

Jeff Glover  28:49

I absolutely agree with that. Because now we need to figure out how many leads we need to talk to how many appointments we need to set how many right like now it's going to trickle all the way back to how many contacts we need to make per day in order to get that met to sign because that number is going to change. 

Brian Charlesworth  29:02

Yeah, yeah. Okay, Jeff, I know we're close to being out of time. So you have a retreat coming up in July. I believe it's July 15. Through 18th. That's right. Tell me about that. 

Jeff Glover  29:14

Yeah, so that's the live unreal retreat. We do two big events per year where we attract agents and leaders from all over US and Canada. And it's July 15, through the 18th. So it's three and a half days. And it is it is the best way I can put it as like raw sales training. All right. Listing dialogues, buyer dialogues, objections, you know, of course, we have panels of people that are succeeding with our system. So you're not just listening to me the whole time. We have keynote speakers. I mean, we've had everybody from Ed my lat to this this upcoming retreat, Eric Thomas is one of our keynotes at you know, so it's not just a bunch of rah rah like you get it a lot of other conferences and don't get me wrong rah rah is good because we need motivation. And we need mindset. All right. And we start off every day with about one hour of rah rah And then the other eight hours or seven hours, we go into content. And it's delivering the best methods to work for sale by owners after the knowledge settlement, the best ways to convince a buyer to sign a buyer contract. I mean, it is the raw sales training, but it's very real and it's very relevant. And it's three and a half days of breakout sessions, one on one interviews, masterminds. Obviously, we have some fun too, you know, we have a welcome reception The first evening down on the beach overlooking Lake Michigan. This particular events held in Traverse City, Michigan, which believe it or not, there's quite a few nonstop flights from all over the country there. But it's a gorgeous in the summer for everyone in the South 78 and sunny with no humidity in Traverse City, Michigan in July. So people are like, Why do you hold it there? It's beautiful. In the summer wineries freshwater it's gorgeous up there. Anyways, that's our retreat. And if you go to Glover forward slash retreat, you can see the schedule on that, by the way, we don't charge 1015 102,000 bucks, you know, our ticket price is 499. So it's a very manageable price. And we do a room block for everyone. So you get a room rate of like 299 on a hotel on a resort that's normally for 500 bucks a night. And that's the Grand Traverse resort that we host the event at anyways, July 15. Through the 18th that's the Glover you live unreal retreat, whoever you. 

Brian Charlesworth  31:13

forward slash retreat? That's right, right. Okay. All right, Jeff, last question. What are your final thoughts on working sellers? 

Jeff Glover  31:21

Well, listen, I think that if anyone is in the cellar game, one of the best tips that I can give you right now is go back to sharpen your axe as it relates to working for sale by owners and expireds. And here's why. You're about to have a ton more for sale by owner opportunities once it's in our settlement and hits. Why because sellers are going to feel empowered, sellers are going to feel like this change. Because once it's like the media has not done once this gets official, the media is going to start all over again about this, they're going to feel empowered to sell their home on their own. And so I'm gonna encourage you to sharpen your axe as it relates to for sale by owners because you're gonna be a lot more of them in your market. That's number one. Number two, get ready for a lot of expireds. Why is that? Well, because all the knucklehead agents that don't know how to price properties, and don't know how to convince the seller to offer concessions to pay for a buyer's agent, we're now going to see an increase of listings expire. Of course that's market dependent. If the market gets hot, well then that that the expires go out the window, we know that but if the market stays the way it is, when the dinar settlement happens, give it about two, three months after the North settlement. Also, you're gonna see a lot more homes expire, which is a huge opportunity for my listing agents expires and fizz bows are about to get a pay raise. 

Brian Charlesworth  32:31

All right, great advice. All right, everyone. Thanks for joining us for today's podcast. Jeff, thanks for being in the studio with us great hearing. Just your advice. 

Jeff Glover  32:41

And you bet. Yeah, and by the way, for those of you. For those listeners that can't make it to the retreat this summer, if they just go download the Glover U app. I mean, we give away so much in there all of our free resources, our social media guide our scripts, all that stuff is in the Glover U app. So if they can't make it to Trevor city, at a minimum, they should do that.

Brian Charlesworth  32:59

So download the Glover U app. And for those of you who do that, and have Sisu, put those scripts in your Sisu library. So your agents have those real time in front of them all the time. And they have will have that if they would download the Glover app as well. 

Jeff Glover  33:13

So and by the way, I update our scripts about every 1218 months, we have a whole set of scripts just for the gnar settlement changes. So there's a lot of resources in there for ages to take advantage of. 

Brian Charlesworth  33:21

Awesome, Jeff, thanks for being on the show today. Always great time with you. Thanks. Awesome. Thanks, Brian. Always 

Jeff Glover  33:27

good to see it. Thanks for a great product.

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