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Doubling Efficiency, Saving Time: The Scott Radcliff Team's Remarkable Transformation with Sisu

Discover how Sisu's innovative real estate operating system revolutionized The Scott Radcliff Team's workflow, saving 20 hours monthly in data entry and enabling a twofold increase in transaction handling.

Mac Hill

Mac Hill

Mac is the Director of Community at Sisu and comes with an extensive background in community building - specifically in the real estate technology industry. Mac resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and two girls and enjoys early morning tee times and tequila shots.

Prior to connecting with Sisu, The Scott Radcliff Team, a RE/MAX affiliated team that serves the Louisville, Kentucky area, faced some challenges in managing their transactional data and keeping track of tasks for each of their many transactions. Due to the time-consuming nature of these challenges, overall productivity began to suffer in the business. However, after partnering with Sisu, the team experienced significant improvements in their operations, which resulted in a major boost to their efficiency and productivity.

Overview of The Scott Radcliff Team

To provide some context to the scale of challenges faced by The Scott Radcliff Team, it is important to understand what their business looks like. The team consists of 12 agents, a transaction coordinator, an operations and marketing manager, and an administrative assistant. Before implementing Sisu, they were manually inputting transactional data into spreadsheets and struggling to remember all the tasks associated with each transaction. This process created some anxiety around ensuring a consistent, repeatable experience for their clients. They also had to make numerous phone calls to gather valuable information from their agents, making the process quite cumbersome. All of that created quite the headache for their operations team, and they decided that there had to be a better way.

The Sisu Solution

Sisu proved to be the perfect solution for the challenges that faced The Scott Radcliff Team. The built-in task manager within Sisu helped them really optimize their time management. They no longer needed to commit tasks to memory, as the system automatically generates task lists based on the stage of each transaction. Additionally, Sisu has helped them eliminate the need for manual data entry into spreadsheets, saving the team even more valuable time. The cherry on top? Now, with all of the transactional information and business data consolidated into Sisu, agents are also saving a ton of time as they no longer have to call operations for updates and insights. 




"The task lists provided by are invaluable. They help our whole team stay on track and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. has truly revolutionized our operations and saved us a significant amount of time. I highly recommend it to anyone considering it for their business."

Denise Seng

- Manager of Operations, The Scott Ratcliff Team

Integration into Business Operations

Due to Sisu being a platform built on an open API, Sisu was able to be seamlessly integrated into the operations of the Scott Radcliff Team. Whenever an agent had a prospect, they would enter them directly into one of Sisu's customizable intake forms. This allows agents on The Scott Radcliff Team to easily move their prospect through the sales funnel, all while capturing critical data much earlier in the process. Leveraging an intake form within Sisu allows the team to trigger a task lists for both the agents and the team's staff, ensuring that all necessary steps were completed for each transaction. By having a clear overview of what has been done and what still needs attention, the team was able to keep their transactions on track and stay up to date with any new information.

Tangible Results Since implementing Sisu

Since implementing Sisu, the Scott Radcliff Team has experienced noticeable improvements to their business. The Operations and Marketing Manager, Denise Seng, estimates that she has personally saved around 20 hours per month that used to be spent on duplicate data entry. Additionally, the team's transaction coordinator is now able to handle double the number of transactions, thanks to the increased efficiency brought by Sisu's task management. With Sisu, the team no longer relies on cumbersome spreadsheets to manage their transactions and data, which has lead to improved data accuracy and accessibility.

Recommendation: Go All-in with Sisu

The experience of the Scott Radcliff Team serves as a prime example of how Sisu can transform a real estate team's operations. By leveraging the full suite of tools offered by the Sisu platform, the team was able to maximize efficiency and productivity, save time on data entry, and ensure that all necessary tasks were completed for each transaction. If you want to take your real estate business to the next level, going all-in with Sisu is undoubtedly a game-changer.

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