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Selling Beverly Hills Season 2 - Sisu Edition

“This business is a meritocracy, if you show up you will be rewarded.” - Ben Belack

Frank A. Felice

Frank A. Felice

Chief Revenue Officer
Frank has years of experience in starting and scaling SaaS companies through rapid growth to multi-million dollar market leaders.


I was watching season two of Buying Beverly Hills with my wife, a realtor of over 15 years. She was watching for the homes and the drama; I was watching to see if Sisu would make another guest appearance. We did! Check out that Sisu orange bubble in the upper left corner of Ben Belack's scene. We didn’t make IMDb, but we'll take the appearance for Episodes 1 and 2.

Even through the heavily scripted scenes on Netflix, a couple of items jumped out at me in the first couple of episodes.

Lead Measures Matter

The Ben Belack Group has been a Sisu customer since 2020. He runs an amazing business, as evidenced by his year-over-year data in Sisu. In the scene where Sisu popped into view, Ben said,

“In the market that we are in, my expectation is that you guys show up if you want to be part of this group and firm.”

Ben and his team show up every day, and it is visually validated in his Sisu account.

Since Sisu and Sierra Interactive have such tight integration, all top-of-funnel data per agent, and rolled up to his team, is reported and displayed in Sisu.

Dials, texts, conversations, door-knock sessions, SOI lunch/dinner/drink activities, buyer and seller appointment sets and meets, closings, and commission data are all consumable in real-time, anywhere on native Android and Apple apps, or on TV-designed dashboards made for 80-inch TVs.

There is a scene in the first couple of episodes where an agent is kicked off another team (a non-Sisu user) because she hadn’t closed anything in a year, and the team “didn’t see her in the office much”.

These are luxury properties with obviously longer cycle times. On Ben’s team, the early indicators for an underperforming agent are conversations, door knocks, SOI activities, and appointments and how they are pacing towards these lead measure goals. By the time the lag measure of a closing is noticed, the time and money wasted on an agent is sunk.

This Market is Tough, but Deals are Still Getting Done

The scripted show can’t remove the sentiment that the entire market is feeling right now. They talk about working in their first down market.

The new agents question if they should stick it out as realtors. Mauricio Umansky, his dad, and Ben have been through it before - they know the cyclical nature of this business.

The market is tough, deals take longer, transaction amounts change, but deals are still getting done. As Ben said best,

“This business is a meritocracy, if you show up, you will be rewarded.”

Just make sure that your agents are showing up for you at the top of the funnel, not just at the end.

Talk to the Sisu team.


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