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Sisu Spotlight

How Sisu Helped Kittle Real Estate Increase Productivity & Efficiency

Learn how Sisu, the leading real estate operating system, helped Kittle Real Estate improve production and increase efficiency in their business.

Mac Hill

Mac Hill

Mac is the Director of Community at Sisu and comes with an extensive background in community building - specifically in the real estate technology industry. Mac resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and two girls and enjoys early morning tee times and tequila shots.

When the team at Kittle Real Estate team got in touch with Sisu to help with their business, they faced several challenges. These challenges included a lack of agent reporting and accountability, difficulty in goal setting with their agents, insufficient ROI reporting, and a complete absence of any sort of gamified system to enhance productivity and motivation. 

Background on Kittle Real Estate's Business Operations: 

Kittle Real Estate is a market-leading, independent brokerage run as a team serving Northern Colorado. With a small leadership team consisting of a Team Leader, Systems Manager, Sales Manager, and Operations Manager, they have effectively built a strong foundation for their business. To support their operations, they have additional team members such as a compliance manager, transaction coordinators, admins, inside sales agents, and virtual assistants. Kittle Real Estate's leadership, sales and operations team currently supports 32 agents.

Overcoming Challenges with Sisu

Through the implementation of Sisu, Kittle Real Estate was able to successfully overcome their major challenges. They experienced improved agent reporting and accountability, enhanced goal setting capabilities, and more accurate and comprehensive ROI reporting. Sisu also facilitated the implementation of challenges and gamification elements, driving increased productivity and transparency in the team.

How Sisu Fit Into Kittle Real Estate's Operations

To streamline their operations, Kittle Real Estate integrated Sisu with Sierra Interactive. This direct integration allowed them to track activity seamlessly and easily manage transactions within Sisu. With the help of their dedicated Sisu account manager, Amber Stinson, they have made tremendous progress towards consolidating their systems under one unified platform.




 "The interface is easy to understand and use and the level of support we receive has been and continues to be outstanding!" 

Trey Carroll

- Systems Manager and Supervising Broker at Kittle Real EState

Tangible Results Since implementing Sisu

Kittle Real Estate has seen substantial improvements in agent reporting and accountability, goal setting, ROI reporting, and overall transparency. These results have helped them consolidate their systems effectively, bringing them closer to achieving their goal of a unified platform. 

Next Steps with Sisu

Since getting Sisu dialed in and having a more streamlined process, Trey and team have started to explore other areas of the platform in an effort to squeeze even more out of the Sisu orange. Recently, they have begun the process of building out the Recruiting module within Sisu. While Trey has explained that they are a little too early in the process to share tangible results from implementing the Recruiting module, they are very happy with it so far as it's helped them organize and nurture their recruiting prospects in the same way they organize and nurture their lead generation efforts with a CRM. 

Hear it From Kittle Real Estate - "Why Choose Sisu?"

Trey Carroll, Kittle Real Estate's Systems Manager & Supervising Broker, highly recommends Sisu to anyone considering it for their business. He emphasizes the user-friendly interface and outstanding support they have received from the Sisu team. His advice to those on the fence is simple - "PULL THE TRIGGER!" 

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