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The NEXT Generation of Sisu

Explore Sisu NEXT 2.0: enhanced features, swift load times, and mobile optimization. Plus a sneak peak at what's coming soon for real estate pros!

Brian Charlesworth

Brian Charlesworth

Chairman & CEO

Brian is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, business builder, and thought leader in the real estate industry. With a track record of success in software, telecommunications, and franchise businesses, Brian has a talent for identifying and realizing business opportunities. Driven by his passion for technology, Brian is dedicated to using his skills and experience to bring about positive change and improve people's lives through the advancement of technology.

The race to innovate is not a marathon or a sprint—it’s both. 

In the Sisu world, it’s an all-out sprint that restarts every two weeks. It’s the relentless pursuit of the next way we can add value to the modern real estate team. Innovation is what we’re committed to for the long run. It’s one of our three core values. 

“Sisu NEXT” is your new 2.0 user interface, which gives Sisu a fresh slate and platform upon which to launch our next wave of big innovation. 

It’s an entirely new platform that delivers a familiar but enhanced experience to use Sisu as the core Operating System of your business. 

When will Sisu NEXT be available? 

Sisu NEXT access will be rolling out in the coming weeks. If you’re seeing a little button next to the “record” screen in your Sisu platform, you have access and can start using the NEXT interface immediately. 

where to find sisu next

If in the coming weeks you're not seeing the menu item to launch NEXT, you likely fall under one of these two conditions: 

Note that the direct login site for Sisu Classic will continue to be, and the login for Sisu NEXT will be

If you have any questions about your ability to access NEXT in the coming weeks, feel free to reach out to 🙌

What’s different about the Sisu NEXT interface?

Many of you are on our Sisu Premier subscription and have been using the new Client Portal for quite some time. The Client Portal is actually built on the NEXT interface (as will most future system enhancements), so many of you are likely already familiar with the new interface and its advantages. 

In short, when you launch the Client Portal, you’re using the Sisu NEXT Interface. 

If we’re getting into the nerdy nuts and bolts, the NEXT interface is a Next Generation Web Application. 

This is a modern approach to software development that gives some key advantages: 

Our front end teams will be able to move faster on delivering new features and interfaces (such as custom dashboards, which are coming soon) 
  • You’ll notice a big speed boost when navigating between pages

  • The application is the same on mobile, desktop and tablet. All of the same features. This means there will never be a feature gap between what you can do on different devices.
    • Soon we will replace our Apple App Store and Google Play Store apps with new apps that have the new interface embedded—for now, try loading the NEXT interface by logging in from a mobile browser and you’ll notice the enhanced experience. 
  • Lots of icing on the cake—like Dark Mode 😎, custom text/font sizes 🕵️‍♀️, and an expanded menu that moves out from the side and makes Sisu much easier to navigate. 

What can I do in NEXT today? 

If you’re a Sisu Premier client, you’ve probably noticed that the interface for managing the Client Portal is slightly different. That’s because the Client Portal is already built on the NEXT interface. 

The following features are also now available in NEXT as of soft launch in July 2023: 

  • Snapshot
    • Enhanced load times and mobile experience

enhanced load times and mobile experience

  • Team Dashboard & Personal Dashboard
    • New tabular design makes it easier to flip through sections of the dashboard with enhanced load times

new tabular design

  • The transaction screen and forms have greatly enhanced mobile usability from a mobile browser, and we’ll soon be taking that experience to true mobile apps downloaded from the app store—for now, the mobile experience from a phone browser is much improved. 
  • Tasks manager, transaction stages board, and the brand new transaction status board (which ties to core Sisu statuses of appointment set/met/signed/under contract/closed). 
  • Account settings tab which includes goals, profile settings, and an improved personal best/records/achievements section. 

What does the roadmap look like for NEXT? 

Right now our big focus is on enhancing all functionality of Sisu inside the NEXT interface. We’re pretty close—there are just a few things remaining, mainly reports and contests/challenges, which we still need to get launched in the new interface. Watch for that to happen quickly over the next few months. 

As for what’s upcoming, there’s a lot that we’re excited about. There’s some general functionality that’s been highly requested over the years that the new interface allows us to tackle with ease.

Here are a few big things on the radar: 

Custom Dashboards

One of the big things on the radar is custom dashboards—the ability for any user in the system to query up the metrics and data that they have access to and arrange it on a blank canvas with different widget and display styles. Our transaction screen already makes it real easy to query up data, export it, and run quick custom reports. Custom dashboards will build on that ability to give you more flexibility to visualize that data exactly how you and your team want to see it. 

Mobile app

I mentioned this earlier in the article, but it’s worth mentioning again that everything in this new interface is mobile optimized. Try it by loading up the NEXT app on your phone’s Chrome/Safari/Edge browser. It should look great. Some smartphones support the ability to save that website as an app tile on your phone screen, and I’d recommend doing so for now. 

We’re only a few steps away from launching this new experience in the app stores, so watch for that to happen in the coming months as well. 

Enhanced automations

The new interface is a great launching point for automations that are built into Sisu. We can already automate your email and transaction management processes, but we have even bigger ideas on how you can use data to drive outcomes you want to create in your business. For example, we want you to be able to configure the system so that it congratulates an agent when they hit a new personal best on a core KPI, or notify a mentor when one of their mentees is falling behind on key leading indicators. 

Recap (if you’re a skimmer, read this)

We’ve covered a lot here. This is all you need to know today:

  • Sisu NEXT is the new 2.0 interface of Sisu. It enhances just about every part of the product. 
  • Sisu NEXT is only available to admin and TC level users today. 
  • Legacy subscriptions dating back past mid 2021 may not have access, but can speak to our team at to get access. 
  • Assuming you have access, you can launch Sisu NEXT by clicking on a button next to the “record” screen at
  • A lot of Sisu Classic functionality is already available in Sisu NEXT, with more becoming available in the future. 
  • Try Sisu NEXT on your mobile phone browser to test our enhanced mobile experience. 
  • Upcoming roadmap items for next include custom dashboards, a true app store enabled mobile app, and enhanced automations. 
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