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Sisu Spotlight

The Southwest Life RE Group: How Sisu Transformed Their Business

Learn how Sisu, the leading real estate operating system, helped transform The Southwest Life Real Estate Group's business operations.

Mac Hill

Mac Hill

Mac is the Director of Community at Sisu and comes with an extensive background in community building - specifically in the real estate technology industry. Mac resides in Charleston, South Carolina with his wife and two girls and enjoys early morning tee times and tequila shots.

In the increasingly competitive world of residential real estate, it is crucial for teams to have a clear picture of their performance so that they can better hold themselves accountable. The Southwest Life Real Estate Group, a prominent eXp Realty LLC team, embarked on a journey to overcome the challenges they faced with number tracking and connectivity between their systems. By partnering with Sisu, they achieved unparalleled transparency, empowered their sales team, and witnessed significant operational improvements. This case study delves into their experience with Sisu and how it transformed their business operations.

Background on The Southwest Life Group's Business Operations 

The Southwest Life Real Estate Group, brokered by eXp Realty, is a family team comprised of 6 agents and 5 VA's. When they initially got in touch with the Sisu team, they faced challenges in number tracking, accountability, and a lack of a streamlined integration with getting data out of Follow-up Boss. These hindrances limited their ability to assess performance and connect their activities to desired outcomes.

Implementing Sisu: Breaking Barriers

Upon implementing Sisu, the Southwest Life team experienced a paradigm shift in their operations. They achieved performance transparency and accountability through Sisu's robust reporting features. By integrating Sisu with Follow Up Boss, all activity, pipeline management, and transaction operations were streamlined and centralized within the Sisu platform. 




 "This is the perfect tool for all size teams.  Start early to implement these tools to 10x your growth." 

Deanna Dopslaf

- Founder and Co-owner of The Southwest Life Real Estate Group

Tangible Results Since implementing Sisu

The Southwest Life Real Estate Group witnessed remarkable results since partnering with Sisu. Firstly, by leveraging Sisu, their Transaction Manager took over all contract-to-close activities, leading to increased efficiency and the ability to release some of their VA staff. The sales team now enjoys the power of Sisu's custom reports during their morning power-ups, reinforcing accountability and commitment to calls and follow-ups. Custom categories for tracking realtor referral partner calls, referrals, recruiting efforts, and appointments were created, allowing precise analysis of their business activities.

Seamless CRM Integration and ROI Analysis

One of the standout features that the Southwest Life team cherishes in Sisu is its seamless connectivity to their CRM. A direct integration with their CRM, Follow-up Boss, empowers them to maximize the potential of Sisu's custom reports for comprehensive ROI analysis and lead source effectiveness. By understanding the impact of every marketing effort on their business, they are able to make more informed decisions to optimize growth. 

Recommendation: Start Early to Harness Growth

Based on their experience, the Southwest Life Real Estate Group enthusiastically recommends Sisu for businesses of all sizes. Drawing from their own transformational journey, they emphasize the importance of early implementation to leverage the full potential of Sisu's tools and functionalities. By adopting Sisu at the right time, teams can elevate their growth potential and achieve unparalleled success.


Through their partnership with Sisu, the Southwest Life Real Estate Group overcame many of their challenges, achieved performance transparency, and witnessed remarkable operational improvements. By seamlessly integrating Sisu into their operations, they streamlined contract-to-close activities, increased accountability, and gained insights into their ROI and lead source effectiveness. Sisu has proven to be the perfect tool to enhance growth for real estate teams of all sizes, providing a solid foundation for success.

Book a demo today to learn why Sisu is a preferred solution for leading eXp Realty teams, like The Southwest Life Real Estate Group! 

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