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Sisu Spotlight

Sisu Spotlight: Andrew Lewis

Andrew Lewis is the Co-founder and Team Leader of Performance Real Estate. In this week's Sisu Spotlight, he tells us how he runs a lean team and keeps his agents accountable.

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Andrew, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Andrew Lewis,  Co-Owner and Team Leader of Performance Real Estate.

What's your team structure look like?

We are a small team right now. We have 3 sales agents, 1 admin / listing coordinator, 1 marketing coordinator, and we have 2 inside sales agents.

We are also looking to bring on a full-time photographer/videographer.

What does your production look like?

Production last year, we were at 93 units sold. $46.2 million in volume.

This year, we are on track to get 130 units at $63.5 million.

Can you tell me a little bit about your tech stack?

This is something we are insanely passionate about.

Currently, we use FollowUpBoss as our CRM and Ylopo as our lead generation tool.

We also use some referral sites for leads, but Ylopo is definitely our main source.

Slack for team communication.

And obviously, we use Sisu for our data tracking, task management, contract-to-close process. 

Then, we use data help / interface to have all the systems talk to each other.

What were some of the challenges you faced before using Sisu?

Prior to Sisu, we came from another numbers tracking system. It was much more of a manual process. We just really had a hard time holding people accountable, having them put the right numbers in the system, to track things—we had to hold them accountable just to put it in the system, then sitting down for 1-on-1s it was just a big guess.

It left us wondering where our agents were at.

I'm a numbers and data guy, and I 100% subscribe to the idea that what you track and measure is going to grow.

I really wanted something that would allow me to hold our whole team accountable. From our sales numbers to our sales activities—all of those pieces.

We were also using what I can best describe as an archaic task management system for our contract-to-close process. It was slow and really clunky. Because of that, we were dropping the ball on transaction tasks and clients, and we were feeling the pressure and squeeze there.

Overall, it was unreliable.

Outside of that, we struggled to know what our ROI was. Our lead flow, etc. There's a lot of stuff you can track with your CRM, but typically, the numbers and financials aren't stored within there.

So, we didn't have a way to hold people accountable and even ourselves as business owners being able to say, "We can see where the money is going, but are we actually getting our return on investment."

Have you seen any tangible results since implementing Sisu?

Sisu has really helped us bring accountability to our agents.

Even being a small team, but still the accountability aspect is important. Our DataHelp integration has allowed us seamlessly sync all of those sales and prospecting activities of the business into the system.

We can log in anytime and see exactly where the team is for the day, week, or the month. We were able to rejuvenate our agents and ISA team. 

We've had a ton of fun running trackable contests. Keeping those scores up on the score board. We bought the biggest possible TV for our office, and we put it up there.

We keep the numbers up there all day long and it definitely motivates the team. We've seen an increase in production on that side of things.

Overall though, my favorite piece is absolutely the task management side of things.


That was a huge gap in our business. We strive to provide a WOW experience for all of our clients, and our previous system wasn't letting us do that.

Within our Sisu task management, everything is triggered off of specific dates. It works flawlessly. You put that data in at the beginning of the process, and our whole system runs off of that.

It gives me the ability to easily check in with our admin and TCs. Anytime, I get to know exactly where we are in the process. I can hold them accountable to it and ensure our clients get that WOW experience.

And trusting that 100% of the time that those tasks are getting done, because I can always see if they are at a glance.

What do you like best about Sisu?

Accountability. Numbers don't lie.

What you track and measure, you are going to grow.

It brings accountability to the whole team.

"If it's not in the system, it didn't happen." 

We live and die by that motto. I absolutely love that on the sales sides. On the transaction management side, that's my personal favorite. 

I'm a systems and processes guy. I want to make sure that every client is treated absolutely 100% the same, whether it's a $200K home or a $2 million home.

We've pieced together all of the experience we've had over the last several years to make sure we are ahead of things, seeing around the corners, and staying ahead of clients.

I'm super excited to influence the Sisu Client Roadmap with the Sisu Client Portal.

What would you say to someone who is considering Sisu for their real estate business?

It breaks down to: "What you track and measure, grows."

You can pretend to know your numbers, you can pretend that you're tracking things, but the reality is that having a system in place that helps you record that data, see trends,

how many conversations do I need to convert into appointments. How many appointments lead to deals? 

The Agent Accountability Report gives you those kind of answers with just a quick glance.


It just becomes math. Because really, the business is math. Once you can see a good data set of that, it's really encouraging for your prospecting time.

Because then you realize, "I need to talk to 100 people to get a deal."

It allows you to build a much more predictable business. 

Anybody that's considering it, if you're looking to up your business, you can't afford to not have Sisu.

It's an invaluable tool, even honestly if you're a solo agent. Having the numbers in front of you is an easy, readable way to track and measure things.

It's a tool you can share with someone else to hold you accountable, if you have have a coach or anyone else who is helping out your business, you can give them access as well.

Andrew, where can we find you?

If you are looking to buy or sell in the North County, San Diego area, my website is

I also have LinkedIn and Facebook as well.



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