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Sisu Spotlight

Sisu Spotlight: Kory Prince

Kory Prince is co-founder of CountryWide Real Estate Group. He's one of the leading real estate companies in Vancouver. Take a look at how he used Sisu to grow.

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Kory, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm with CountryWide Real Estate Group based out of Vancouver. I'm the co-owner and co-founder of the company with my business parter Zia. 

What's the structure of your team look like?

My business partner and I, we have 2 administrators, 1 ISA, and 3 other agents.

Our trend right now is for $100 million in production this year.

The big goal for the next 3 years is to hit 1000 deals in 1 year. Which has never been done in the market we operate in.

What's your tech stack look like?

I use Chime CRM, which I've been using for a number of years. That one works really well for us because of the AI Assistant.

It also pairs with Sisu through a bi-directional integration, which is amazing.

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 1.03.25 PM

Basically, nobody has to input all the data that's in the CRM—it automatically feeds into Sisu and goes down the pipeline, and then goes down even further because I'm an eXp agent.

The whole brokerage is eXp.

So the workflow looks like Chime > Sisu > Skyslope.

What challenges did you face in your business before you used Sisu?

It was always about not really knowing exactly what our numbers were.

Having rock solid systems in place so that when the numbers you look at on a regular basis, whether it's weekly, monthly, etc—knowing that those numbers were solid and have integrity in them.

Sisu does a really great job at that with most CRMs.

Knowing exactly what those numbers are so you can use that information on a more regular basis in real time to make better business decisions is paramount to success.

Are there any tangible results you've had since implementing Sisu?

The biggest ones we've seen are knowing exactly what your metrics are and how to precisely achieve your goals.

For example: When you look at historical data from Sisu, you can say, "Okay, I did X number of deals. You can look at how many Appointments Set, Appointments Met, Signed, Closing, etc, all the way down to the 1 metric we track the most which is conversations"

Then, you can go to the agent and say: "Look, you want to make $200,000 in GCI in agent net after splits; based on historical data and team data, you need to make 10 conversations a day—if you do that, you'll reach your goal."


If you're not doing those 10 conversations, that's the reason you're not successful.

Sisu informs those kind of decisions with clear confidence.

What feature of Sisu is your favorite?

Eliminating duplicate data entry. It layers information.

Instead of having multiple systems, paying VAs and paying Admins to replicate all that data into the places it needs to be. 

If you approach it that way, there's without a doubt going to be data integrity problems (the VAs or Admins might copy/paste incorrectly, etc.) 

But if the only time the data gets inputted is once, then there's no chance for it to be wrong other than that first input.

So, if the source comes in through Chime, like in my case, it can't be wrong anywhere else, because nobody else edits.

That's the most powerful thing. The input forms in Chime—layering information and keeping all of that data in 1 central place (Sisu) where you can use it for reporting automatically.

What would you say to someone who is considering Sisu?

If I were them, I would commit to giving it enough time to dig into it.

You can't be successful with the platform in just a day. Look at it from an ROI standpoint.

If you look at lead sources in the reports. You can see where your money should be being spent based on lead sources and agents alone.


That's well worth the cost of Sisu over time and you're using that information to determine where your money should go as a business, instead of just throwing it against a wall and hoping it sticks.

Kory, where can we find you?

If you are looking to buy or sell in the Greater Vancouver, B.C. area, CountryWide Real Estate Group can help. My business also has a Facebook Page as well.


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