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Pace for 750 Sales: Streamline Your Real Estate Tech Stack with Sierra and Sisu

Discover how Sierra and Sisu can streamline your real estate tech stack and help you achieve impressive sales results. Learn about their features, integrations, and practical insights in our webinar.

Frances Wiseman

Frances Wiseman

Director of Marketing
Marketing savant and real estate SaaS industry veteran, Frances is the voice of our amazing marketing campaigns.

In our latest webinar, we had a deep dive into exactly how Sisu's flagship client, Spring Bengtzen's team is on track to achieve an astounding 750 sales this year, all by utilizing a simple tech stack composed of Sierra and Sisu. While this blog will provide a summary of the webinar, for a comprehensive understanding, we wholeheartedly recommend watching the full webinar.

Key Takeaways and Highlights:

Sierra Interactive is a robust platform supporting lead generation and CRM management, all under the same roof. It features functionalities like lead ponds and multiple user assignments for leads, which simplifies the management and distribution of leads among the team.

Sisu, on the other hand, is known for its tracking and measuring capabilities of agent performance, as well as managing the entire real estate team component of any business. It offers dashboards, workflows, and reports for tracking conversations, appointments, and conversions, thus uplifting the potential of any real estate venture.

The standout highlight from the webinar was when we revealed the direct API integration between Sierra and Sisu. This integration allows seamless transfer of data between the two platforms - a defining factor in the efficient management of all processes.

Sierra and Sisu have been instrumental in tracking commissions, financials, and profitability. They manage this feat by providing elaborate reports and calculations for income, expenses, and net profit.

Sisu also has a knack for magnifying client experience. Its client portal, communication with lenders and title handling, and transaction management capabilities weave a smooth and enjoyable experience for the clients.

The goal is clear - simplification of the tech stack, tracking agent performance, improving conversion rates, and generating repeat and referral business. Sierra and Sisu lead the way in achieving these objectives with impressive results.

Dive deeper into these insights, and start your journey towards efficient real estate management. Tune in to our full webinar and equip yourself with an efficient, streamlined strategy to have a successful year just like the team at Spring's. Embrace the power of Sierra and Sisu to transform your real estate vistas. Watch the full webinar now!

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