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What's new in Sisu — Aug 2022 — Gmail Integration Launch

Ever wish Sisu notification task emails could originate directly from your Gmail account? The wait is over! Sisu Premier customers can integrate with Gmail today.

Allen Longstreet

Allen Longstreet

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Have you ever been inside a Sisu transaction setting up notification tasks and thought, "I'd really love to have these notification emails originate from my personal email." 

Well, the wait is over! Users who want notification emails to be sent from a personal email address just need to sign up for Gmail integration in Sisu.

Today, I'm going to show you the quick and easy steps to setting up Gmail integration.

1. Go to Account > Profile

2. In the Google Gmail Account Integration section, Click here.


3. Enter an email address in the field provided and click sign in to Google.


4. You'll be prompted to select a Gmail account and sign in if you haven't already.


5. In the window that says, " wants to access to your Google Account, click Allow. This gives Sisu permission to send emails on your behalf.

-Google-Accounts (2)

And that's it! you're now signed up for Gmail integration.

Note: Any notification tasks that you are assigned to will be sent from the email you entered during signup. 

What are the benefits of integrating Sisu notification tasks with Gmail?

While it's ultimately your choice whether you want to Opt-in to Gmail integration with Sisu, some of the added benefits are:

  • Consistent branding (having emails originate from your or company email using Gmail instead of Sisu)
  • Being able to search notification task emails sent and received from within your Gmail inbox.
  • Being able to email forms, transaction info, etc.—without ever having to leave Sisu's platform.
  • Replies go directly back to the gmail account they were sent from. 

What if the Gmail integration option isn't showing on my Sisu Profile settings?

If the Gmail Google Account Integration option is not displayed on your Account > Profile settings, that's because the Gmail integration feature is only available for Sisu Premier users.

If you are on Sisu Premier today, all it takes is a few clicks to set up Gmail integration. Just following the steps in this blog will get you up and running.

That being said, if you want to learn more about Sisu Premier, schedule a time here

If you're not on Sisu at all yet, you can grab a time to chat with one of our experts here

Wait, you can email from Sisu? 

If you're not already using our automated email features, now is the perfect time to start digging in! Automated emails are available from the admin>tasks section of your platform. 

Read our initial release notes on automated emails from our July 2021 release. 

The biggest complaint most consumers have about their real estate agent is lack of communication. This is tough, because one of the main reasons agents tend to ride the "commission rollercoaster" is because they get bogged down with in-progress deals and stop prospecting. 

Technology is the answer here, allowing you to continuously communicate, meet clients expectations, and stay focussed on the next sale. This is why we've been hyper focussed on features such as automated emails and the brand new client portal from our Feb 2022 release.

It makes perfect sense because all the data, contact information, dates and deadlines are stored inside of Sisu (and likely pulled from your CRM initially)—meaning you won't have to port that data out into an external transaction management system to manage tasks or emails. 

The data flows into Sisu, you manage all the reporting and goal setting that a disciplined team thrives on, and knock out transaction management while you're at it. 🙌


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