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The most effective way to use tags in Sisu

Sisu's project and task management allows tons of customizability. See how a top-producing team in Texas uses tags to enhance their business' workflow.

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Do you currently have someone working in your business whose whole job is to manage data and reporting? 

To give you, the business owner, the reporting needed to run your business smoothly?

If that description sounds like you, then read on.

Full stop, when using Sisu, your data isn't 'dead'. 

In Trello, Jira, or Asana (or any other project management software)—you collect all this information, but it's completely worthless because it doesn't communicate to any of your other systems.

If you're collecting the data once, why not put it all in one place where it's alive?

Somewhere you can consistently pull reports on it, whenever you please.

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 1.03.25 PM

I've heard from some teams that before making the switch, they had multiple virtual assistants spending most of their time doing duplicate data entry.

That's valuable time (and money paying VAs!) lost moving data between disparate systems.

What is the most effective way to use tags in Sisu?

I spoke with one of the top-producing and largest teams in the state of Texas.

Below are some examples of how they use Sisu tags in their day-to-day.

The most effective way to use tags should be that the tag serves as a visible, simple 'pulse check' of where the transaction is at.

A way as the business owner to ask yourself:

"What do I have, and what don't I?'"

You can use also use tags as important reminders or notes.

For example: 'Mail out situation' - this custom tag means they are going to require title at the time of closing, 'Divorce situation' - means to handle with sensitivity. 

All these tags are very visible to everyone on the transaction—agents, TCs, VAs, etc.


  • HOA
  • Receipted Earnest
  • Receipted Option
  • Title Commitment 
  • Home Warranty

These tags above are examples of things they know need to be collected throughout the course of the transaction, so they are added all at the beginning in the form of tags.

Once those items / to-do's are collected or finished, they remove (delete) the tag.

This allows you to quickly and easily to see the 'to-do' list right there.

You don't have to search for tasks pending, etc. 

While you can certainly use the Sisu Task Manager, which works just fine, but having the tag function as a 'to-do', causes it to become a double layer to ensure it will get done.

Another benefit of using tags is that you can 'filter by tags' in the 'transactions' dropdown of your Sisu back office.


What if you prefer the 'Trello' Kanban style view?

No problem, that view is built into the platform.


This view is great for the 10,000 foot view.

The 'bigger picture' overview of what your business has currently on its plate.

Having this high-level view allows agents get what they need without having to dive deep every single time into individual transactions.

How many tags should I use?

How many tags you should use depends on the needs of your business.

One of the top teams in Texas that I profiled for this blog uses dozens—if not hundreds—of tags to streamline their workflow and specifically their task management.

By utilizing a tag as a secondary 'to-do', as in, when an action-item on a certain transaction is complete (IE—transaction needs a Home Warranty), and then deleting the tag when it's been complete, it becomes a secondary layer to ensure your agents stay up to date on their tasks.

Wrapping up the most effective way to use tags in Sisu 

The most effective way to use Sisu tags is to use it in tandem with your task management.

Think of it as a second layer of security to ensure the task gets done.

But the great thing about Sisu? Tags just scratch the surface of what the platform is capable of doing.

Book a Demo today to see how Sisu can streamline your business.



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