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What's New in Sisu - Feb 2022 Release #2 - Client Portal Progression & Other Enhancements

In this release we made additional progress on the Sisu Client Portal and released a handful of updates around permissions and accessibility.

Zac Muir

Zac Muir

VP of Sales & Marketing
Zac was one of our first hires. Outside of waging war on spreadsheets and time-killing systems, Zac loves to push the boundaries of what's "safe" on a wakeboard, spend time on the golf course or tennis courts, and more than anything, live life with his beautiful wife and 4-pound dog, Twix.

What's up Sisu nation!

We're on our second full release for the month, and we're only halfway through. 

One of the exciting things about being part of this community is that we run a rapid two-week release cycle—meaning you can just about count on new features every two weeks, like clockwork. 

Additionally, we have processes to make sure that every single one of your feature/enhancement requests get reviewed by a committee inside the company and prioritized accordingly. We can't always do everything, but we try out best to move fast and release as quickly as we can. 

Try it out—you can always request new features by reaching out to and our team reviews them every Tuesday!

Let's jump into enhancements from this latest release. 

An update on Sisu Client Portal

The Sisu Client Portal is one of the most exciting initiatives we've been working on. You can read all about it here. 

We're in a closed beta with the portal, gathering feedback and making enhancements in preparation for a larger beta group. It's moving pretty fast. 

In the video below you can see CK, our VP of Design, walking through the updates made since our soft launch earlier this month. 


Want to get early access to the portal? Make sure you join the wait list below—it's getting closer every day!


Agent Permission Adjustments - Agent tasks and commission form

There are a lot of advantages to running your transaction process through Sisu—one of them being visibility by all parties into the transaction.

We talk to TCs all the time who went from constantly providing status updates to agents about transactions, to simply having it all out there in the open for the agent and TC to see at all times. It really helps drive efficiency and transparency. 

In this update, we updated the permission settings on tasks so that even if an agent is assigned on a transaction, they can only mark their own tasks as complete. This ensures that when you set a task, you'll have complete control over marking it as complete. 

Additionally, we opened up access for agents to complete the commission form on transactions that are not locked. This was a suggestion from our clients who previously had agents filling out forms with commission claims on closings, and can now run that all in Sisu as a handoff between agent and TC. 

Agent view restrictions/preferences/permissions can be accessed in the platform here

New Buyer/Seller Filter for the Vendor Report

Sisu gives you in depth reporting on which vendors you provide the most business for—mortgage, title, home inspection, home warranty, and more. Sisu allows you to track 20+ vendor types. 

This is extremely helpful for building and nurturing relationships and co-marketing opportunities with these ancillary business. 

Now when you go to the Vendor report, you’ll see a Transaction Type drop-down that allows you to choose between 3 options:

  • All

  • Buyer

  • Seller

Changing this drop-down filters the report accordingly.


  1. At the top of the screen in Sisu, click the Reports tab.

  2. From the menu on the left, click Vendor. The Transaction Type drop-down is at the top of the report.

Set a default scope in account>settings

One of the great things about Sisu is the ability to slice and dice the data however you wish. The most basic way of slicing this data is the "scope" filter, which lets you select which agent (or group of agents) you are viewing data for. 

If you're a coach or in leadership, this usually means you have a lot of different scopes to choose from. 

This setting allows you to set a default scope so that when you log in each time, you'll be looking at that same scope. For example, the coach of a group likely wants to look at that group's scope on the majority of reports, and they can configure that now from account>settings. 

View a full list of feature and enhancement releases

For a full list of feature releases and enhancements, check out our knowledge base here:

For a list of events, masterminds, and trainings visit here:


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